May 2019

Town Hall on Facebook Community Oversight Board

I had the privilege of attending a town hall meeting hosted by the OU Law School Center for International Business and Human Rights  They had a session describing how Facebook is seeking to form review panels of facebook users to help set their community standards. They will likely have a website that will allow … Continue reading Town Hall on Facebook Community Oversight Board

Ungrading, a Concept Map

Background As our assignment this week for our course #augment1, I set out to experiment with some Concept Mapping tools. I am a co-learner with Howard Rheingold and about 20+ brave souls in the online class which lasts five weeks (wrapping up this next week) titled “Augmented Collective Intelligence: Theory and Practice“. Since my submissions […]

Weeks in Review: 5/4-5/19

I missed a couple posts. Here’s what I was reading and working on in the first part of the month. What I’m Working On OU Creaties We awarded the Creaties this week. These annual awards honor the best new web sites and blog posts in the OU Create Domain of One’s Own project. To announce […]

Dog’s Eye View: A New Webcomic Series

We have a dog. His name is Duke. I’ve wanted to bring his spirit and personality into a comic for some time now. Well, here we go. In a series I am calling Dog’s Eye View, I’ll be posting comics now and then with a dog as the center of the action. The real Duke […]

Patch Thirty Two – Is Everyone an Instructional Designer?

By Jon Kruithof Am I an instructional designer? I work in educational technology, talk to people about using tools and help people design better learning, but does that make me an instructional designer? Educational technology is a place that can often drive pedagogical change, and it’s strange how often it goes unacknowledged as an accomplice […]

Thoughts about Bruce on Broadway

(I guess I never posted this … it’s been in my bin for some time. New Bruce music coming out had me thinking of this viewing again. — Kevin) I have a friend who has long been a diehard Bruce Springsteen fan, who watched the Netflix special “Bruce on Broadway” (and even tried to score […]

@ontarioextend Domain Camp Preview

Even while preparation falls into place, it was due to to put out a promo video for another round of Ontario Extend Domain Camp. In the first year of the project, Domain of One’s Own was a component of this provincial-wide program to empower educators with a learning-focused approach to technology integration. While not required […]

The Practice of Cartooning

Bill, a DS106 friend, shared out that he is reading Ivan Brunetti’s Cartooning: Philosophy and Practice — which Brunetti describes as a sort of cartooning class in a book — and so a few of us — Sarah, Ron, etc. — are also getting the book. Mine arrived via library yesterday. I joked that Brunetti […]

Super Secret Journal Posts

Origin Story Let’s say someone wanted people to write down very personal, very sensitive thoughts about privilege, bias etc. They’ve turned down Google Docs as an option because they heard that people can see that. They want this even if you’ve said that writing down secrets at all is not a good idea and that writing them anywhere digital, let alone the Internet, is a very bad idea. So with that said, I think this is a pretty decent way to write stuff that’s only visible to the author and to the administrator of the site. It creates a custom post type called journal and then shuts off every thing that I think allows public access. Take note of the comments below and if you see anything I’m missing let me know. I also threw this in here in case it somehow did get public somewhere. It filters content when it’s a journal post type and makes sure you’re the owner or admin. If you turn on some of the public stuff, this would still keep things pretty private.