June 8, 2019

An Oral History of Twee

Twine (2009) celebrates its 10th birthday this year. Created by Chris Klimas in 2009, it has exploded in popularity from its beginning as hypertext-creation desktop software to being one of the most popular interactive fiction authoring tools on IFDB. It has had a profound impact on the narrative games field, and continues to allow people …

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Time and Space Wobbles: Art in the Age of Einstein

My wife and I visited the Mead Art Museum on the grounds of Amherst College yesterday, and its special exhibit was all about the intersections of science and art, in a field (I did not know about) known as “dimensionism.” The exhibit is entitled Modern Art in the Age of Einstein, and I found it […]

Tracery + Ink

Tracery is a primarily JavaScript text-expansion library that works from grammar expressions written in JSON to create generative, flattened options. ink is a scripting language for creating interactive narratives. It can be written using the editor Inky. The inkjs NPM module is a JavaScript port of the ink engine. Reviewing Tracery The Tracery library works through creating a generative …

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