June 9, 2019

Weekly Web Harvest for 2019-06-02

Pinboard on Twitter: “This call for privacy regulation by the New York Times editorial board serves invasive tracking scripts from at least 15 outside domains. I have asked the NYT to disclose this fundamental conflict of interest on their Privacy Project Here’s Why All Your Projects Are Always Late?—?and What to Do About ItTo succeed at reference-class forecasting, it’s best, to some degree, to ignore the project you’re currently planning, says Yael Grushka-Cockayne, who teaches project management and decision-making at the University of Virginia. “Don’t think about it too much… Look back at all the projects you’ve done that are similar to this new project X, and look historically at how well those projects performed in terms of their plan versus their actual,” Grushka-Cockayne explains. “See how accurate you were, and then use that shift or use that uplift to adjust your new project that you’re about to start. “ This data led Flyvbjerg to establish what he calls “the iron law of megaprojects: over budget, over time, under benefits, over and over again.” Security baseline (FINAL) for Windows 10 v1903 and Windows Server v1903 – Microsoft Security Guidance blogRecent scientific research calls into question the value of many long-standing password-security practices such as password expiration policies, and points instead to better alternatives such as enforcing banned-password lists (a great […]

Wittgenstein and Connectivism

NB This is only a very preliminary sketch of what should really be a longer treatment.I was asked:1) Today I found a great idea in your work that I’ve been thinking about a lot recently. You said at page 555 (Connectivism and connective knowledge):”Lan…