June 12, 2019

Domains19 Reflection, Well Really More of A Thanks.

I just got back from the Domains19 conference and some thanks and perhaps observations are in order. It was a very interesting, stimulating, and useful conference. Frankly, I’ve come to expect nothing less from the ReclaimHosting crew: Jim, Tim, Lauren, Meredith, Judith, and Justin(?, we didn’t meet yet, I think).  It’s a human level conference … Continue reading Domains19 Reflection, Well Really More of A Thanks.

Reflections on Domains 19

Domains19 wrapped yesterday, and it was great. Lauren and the whole Reclaim Hosting team did a great job putting the conference together. As with any good conference, my favorite part was getting to catch up with friends and meet people who’s work I’ve been following for a while (I was particularly excited to meet Martin […]


I am making some changes to how this site earns money – or rather, Hack Education will not solicit any donations from readers for the foreseeable future. I am closing my Patreon account, and while I cannot cancel any recurring payments that are c…

Book Review: The Journey of Little Charlie

Once you get Charlie’s voice in your head — and it takes a few pages for the rhythm to settle in, for writer Christopher Paul Curtis pulls you right into young Charlie’s vernacular speech of the South during slavery, where Charlie is a poor white child whose father has just died and Charlie is left […]

API Definitions Are Important

I found myself scrolling down the home page of API Evangelist and thinking about what topic(s) I thought were still the most relevant in my mind after not writing about APIs for the last six months. Hands down it is API definitions. These machine and …