June 22, 2019

The Woodard projection

In a memorable episode of The West Wing, visitors from the Cartographers for Social Justice upend CJ’s and Josh’s worldviews. Cartographer: “The Peters projection.” CJ: “What the hell is that?” Cartographer: “It’s where you’ve been living this whole time.” I’m having the same reaction to Colin Woodard’s 2011 book American Nations. He sees North America … Continue reading “The Woodard projection”

Safety Tip When Paying with Plastic

Whenever you eat out at a restaurant or are using a plastic debit or credit card to pay for something, NEVER let the physical card out of your sight. Never let a server or business employee take your debit or credit card to another location out of your view, whether it’s the front of the […]

Waterfall Feldgang

I’m tinkering around with a digital story tool called Soundslides after a visit to Bash Bish Falls with some of my family yesterday morning: Peace (in water), Kevin