June 25, 2019

Domains 19: Part 2

If you missed Domains 19: Part 1, feel free to read that post first for an overview of the first day of the conference! Day two of Domains19 was just as great if not better than day one. Martin Hawksey kicked off the day with his first-ever keynote entitled Minority Report: One Nation Under CCTV. The eerie talk was a great bookend to Chris and sava’s talk that we had…

Changing the things I cannot accept

When I was 20 years old and nearly finished with college, I had a bad week at work. Business was slow, and the tips I made serving burgers and fries had fallen off. I didn’t have quite enough money to pay rent.So I called my grandfather. Fifteen minute…

Springfield Armory Camp: Messing Around in a Maker Space

Yesterday was our first day of this year’s Springfield Armory Camp – a writing partnership that was first forged years ago between the National Park Service/Springfield Armory National Historic Site, the National Writing Project/Western Massachusetts Writing Project, and Springfield Schools/Duggan Social Justice Academy. One of our activities was to consider the reasons why Springfield was […]