July 2019

An Option for dealing with CORS

As we do more things with JSON, I run into CORS access issues. They can be solved in various ways but it’s often a hassle. It often irritates me as I build demos in COde After wanting a simple solution this AM, I made this tiny, insignificant PHP file that I think might be useful to others. Name this file cors.php.1 Put this file on a server. You can now append some JSON URL to that URL like so … https://yourserver.com/cors.php?url=https://someurl.com/data.json and it returns drama-free JSON for your use and enjoyment. Assuming you have HTTPs on your server it should also deal with HTTP/HTTPS conflicts as well which is very handy at times. 1 Or name it whatever you want. I’m going using bossiness as a shortcut to clarity.

Peer API Design Review Sessions

Public APIs have always benefitted from something that internal APIs do not always received—-feedback from other people. While the whole public API thing didn’t play out as I originally imagined, there is still a lot of benefit in letting other see, a…

Loquendo nos ostendimus

I have updated my Twitter header image to include a statement in Latin which I’ve been thinking about now for several years: Loquendo nos ostendimusLatin phrase translated by Brianna Titus Our wonderful 7th grade Latin teacher, Briana Titus, translated this idea for me into Latin. In concise and elegant language, this means: by means […]

Weekly Web Harvest for 2019-07-21

Please Consider My Application to Give You Labor So I Can Stay Alive – McSweeney’s Internet TendencyIf you look at my résumé, I think you’ll find that I have extensive relevant experience that I could bring to the table after onboarding. In the formative years of my life, I attended primary school in exchange for not being detained per truancy laws in my home state; I then matriculated to college, where I cut my teeth going to classes in exchange for a framed sheet of cardstock that was a prerequisite for submitting this application. The Pizza Effect – Futility ClosetThe pizza example continues to “echo” between the Italian and American cultures: American tourists sought out “authentic” (non-American) pizza in Italy, and the Italians met the demand by creating brick-oven pizzerias. The Americans then carried these back to their own country. Stephen Jenkins of Humboldt State University writes, “Hence, Americans met their own reflection in the other and were delighted.” xkcd: SpreadsheetsPretty much my life . . . I thought I was being ‘blacklisted’ by university colleagues, so I demanded to see their emails | The Independent Firstly, my eminent and influential PhD supervisor had let it be widely known that they thought I was an unpleasant person, impossible to work with, fundamentally stupid, and that I definitely shouldn’t be doing […]

API Storytelling Within The Enterprise

Storytelling is important. Storytelling within the enterprise is hard. Reaching folks on the open web is hard work to, but there is usually an audience that will eventually tune in, and over time you can develop and cultivate that audience. The tools …

Gettin’ Air

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of having a conversation with Terry Greene for his podcast Gettin’ Air. It was great to spend some time chatting with him about open pedagogy, online teaching, and the Virtually Connecting origin story – f…

Equity and Inclusive Teaching

Equity is becoming a stronger focus in higher education as student demographics become increasingly diverse. But what is equity? And what role will teaching play in these efforts?
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