July 1, 2019

The Goodrich Archives

Growing up one of the constant staples of any family experience that involved relatives was my uncle Ted carrying a camcorder around. That’s right, he was that guy that always seemed to be recording during holidays, birthdays, vacations, and any other trips we were on. My family was also very

Travelogue #3: Water Stories

Water falls, runs, rushes, gushes, gathers, laps, trickles, carves, digs, advances, retreats, holds, shapes, reflects, destroys, moves, wanders, travels, covers, reveals, smooths, softens, breaks, bursts, begins, ends. Water will have/make/work its way without asking.     *These photographs are part of a series, all taken in Iceland, June 2019. ©edifiedlistener

Travelogue #1: At Your Own Risk

  Seeing danger, they fled. Fleeing danger, they saw. Feeling danger, seeing flight, fleeing feeling Their imaginations were too powerful for their own good.     (Deadly sneaker waves…imagine!)       *Photographs in this series, all taken in Iceland, June 2019. ©edifiedlistener      

The Basics of My API Rating Formula

I have been working on various approaches to rating APIs since about 2012. I have different types of algorithms, even having invested in operating one from about 2013 through 2016, which I used to rank my daily intake of API news. Helping me define wh…

Front Yard Feldgang for CLMOOC

For July and August, the CLMOOC community has launched The Feldgang Variations — which is an invitation to look at the world with closer, and perhaps different, viewpoints. You can read more at the CLMOOC website and participate when and how you want. The image above is a walk through my front yard, using the […]

The Complexity of API Discovery

I can’t get API discovery out of my mind. Partly because I am investing significant cycles in this area at work, but it is also something have been thinking about for so long, that it is difficult to move on. It remains one of the most complex, challe…