August 5, 2019

Handing Off WordPress Data to Javascript

This dog’s head has been deep in code in preparation of what I see as a next big step for SPLOTs… (update as this post lingered in draft, the plugin is out and about, please test, please. Please). Usually I toss a lot of technical discoveries into a full post; but as an active reader […]

Reversing the Telescope: A Feldgang of Feldgangs of Feldgangs

I’ve spent the month of July, letting my eye wander to the world for the CLMOOC Feldgang Variations — an invitation to explore the world and ideas closer, with detail. (See the prompts we released via CLMOOC at the Daily Connector). The Feldgang concept is an exploration of the previously known world, but seen closer, […]

Some Of The API Gateway Building Blocks

The inspiration for this post wasn’t fully mine, I’m borrowing and building upon what Sukanya Santhanam (@SukanyaSanthan1) tweeted out the other day. It is a good idea, and something that should be open sourced and moved forward. I’ve been studying wi…

A Look At Behavioral API Patents

I have been studying uses of behavioral technology lately. Riffing off my partner in crimes work on the subject, but putting my own spin on it, and adding APIs (of course) into the mix. Applying on of my classic techniques, I figured I’d start with a …

Voices on the Air

It was a tweet that started a frantic search for more information: Doug and Dai have been running the TIDE Podcast for some years now, and I’ve listened to every episode. I never had the pleasur…