August 22, 2019

Smash TV comes to Life

Early this week as I got some of the “Makerspace” side of CoWork cleaned up I decided I wanted to return to the Smash TV restoration. When I last left off I had a great looking control panel built out, but not yet wired up. In fact nothing had been

Revolutionary Poets Society

I’m teaching a course on slam poetry as part of our first year experience (FYE) initiative here at CofC. This course is titled the “Revolutionary Poets Society” and it is a reboot of an after-school club I facilitated when I was teaching middle school. The Revolutionary Poets Society focuses on global opportunities to respond to the demands… Continue reading

Book Review: Song For A Whale

Wow. I was really blown away by Song for A Whale by Lynn Kelly. I bought this book on a whim, because I liked the gorgeous cover art and I am interested in any books with “songs” and music. I’m glad it caught my attention and that I read it. It’s lovely. Song for A […]