August 23, 2019

Apocalypse Chic

Charlie Tyson, in the Chronicle of Higher Education. Anyone can weaponize melancholy; but distinguished older professors who have lived through the declining prestige of the humanities and of humanistic forms of knowledge — who have seen their own power and possibilities diminish within their lifetime — may be especially vulnerable. Fashionable fatalism is often practiced […]

Rigor through Empathy

Last night, I watched a recording of a powerful presentation given by Dr. Jeff Duncan, of San Francisco State University titled, Equality or Equity: Which One Will We Feed? It’s a long presentation (1.5 hours) but it was far more worth my time la…

MusicMaking: The River Rides the Beat Beneath Us

This is a Loop Composition, inspired by a recent trip to the Delaware River Gap, where I tried to pay attention to the rhythm of a river that cut through the section where we were staying and working. Along with the various waterfalls, where the sound came crashing down, there were calm sections, places where […]