August 26, 2019

I also need more blogs

Ben Werdmüller wrote a post this morning on the value of blogs and regular longer-form writing. I 1000% agree with him. You should start a blog, if you don’t have one already. There’s nothing better for organizing your thoughts and socializing ideas. You don’t have to labor for days over a post; blogs are often […]

Web Writing… like it was not 1995

Some colleagues are pegging one of the best blogging genres, blogging about blogging or writing about writing. Kate Bowles started a wave with lamenting the weight work related writing, Martin Weller cues the Fab Four , Alyson Indrus is focused on writing writing, and while it’s more indirect, D’Arcy Norman’s observation of Apocalyptic Chic is […]

Persistent Check Off List

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Origin Story We’re doing the Photography is Magic course again this semester. One thing we do the first week is go around and the room and students say a word that has something to do with their major, life etc. We also name some cliche image types from Instagram. We end up with a large list of words that form the basis of a photography scavenger hunt. We ended up with 67 words this time around. This time around I decided I’d try to do all the words by the next class. I started another account and began taking the pictures. I quickly realized I couldn’t easily remember what I’d shot and wanted a quick reference for words I needed and to keep track of what I’d already done. Try it out here if you’d like. Making it Since the words were already in Google Sheets I went with the typical Sheets to JSON pattern. I’ve covered that way too many times on this site already. The more interesting part was using local storageJeff had advised using this rather than cookies for something else I did earlier and I remembered it this time around. to keep the value of the checkboxes. I found an article on it and was able to repurpose that code in a few minutes to do […]

Book Review: Cartooning (Philosophy and Practice)

There’s a boatload of good suggestions in Cartooning by Ivan Brunetti on the art of comics/cartoons (terms which he uses interchangeable but which in my mind are different — I think of comics as Calvin and Hobbes and cartoons as The Jetsons — this is no doubt influenced by a childhood of Sunday Comics followed […]