August 29, 2019

A SPLOT Fork in the Road

Can you believe this is yet another blog post about SPLOTs? Has anyone stuck a fork in them yet? Not me. I’m considering a rather major change which ultimately make them less complex to set up. This is all about the need for them to use a secret authoring account that the user never sees. […]

Book Review: feast your eyes

Mya Goldberg’s latest novel, feast your eyes, is non-traditionally told, just how I like my novels. Her fictional exploration of a single mother photographer and her daughter is narrated through the text and journals of a photography exhibit that the daughter has put together for her dead mother, so the text of this book is […]

Tutorials: Record Audio Podcasts with Voice Record Pro or Anchor

Tomorrow I’m co-teaching with one of our high school history teachers, who is asking her students to create a colonial era podcast. Among other possibilities, students may choose to role play interviews about historical events, include sponsorships from historically appropriate businesses, and/or produce a more documentary-style audio recording. I’m excited to see the students’ creativity […]

Snapshots from the poison room

I took photos throughout my chemo/immunotherapy treatment, to document my reactions and the view from the poison room. Photos generates a decent slideshow (complete with Generic Copyright-takedown-avoiding Sountrack #1)1 I spent a few weeks back in 1997 building a similar video with photos from our wedding, in Macromedia Director and then output to VHS to […]