September 3, 2019

Where I Begin

Hi all, welcome to week two of the Revolutionary Poets Society! As a reminder, the Revolutionary Poets Society focuses on global opportunities to respond to the demands of the moment through poetry, music and art. We focus on the development of vocabulary and a set of critical, literacy, and performance approaches to help enable engagement with slam… Continue reading

Slice of Life: Begin at the Start (again)

Today will be Day Three. Already. We had students for two days, then a long weekend, and now a short week. In some ways, it’s a perfect way to start the new school year, with a slow roll forward. It’s too early to get a good feel for this crew of sixth graders, but they […]

Bot the Author

Meet the AI storyteller? I could not resist the try of StoryAI after seeing this mention from Zach Whalen. After nothing the first results were “conventional”, Zach gave it a good test to see how much I was in the AI. I was as curious, but not maybe as clever. For a prompt I was […]