September 9, 2019

Higher Education and Rich People

The fallout from the Jeffrey Epstein scandal continues to roil. Ethan Zuckerman has left the Media Lab. Joi Ito has resigned in disgrace, Nicholas Negroponte offered a bone-headed defense, Lawrence Lessig has written a bone-headed defense, an official …

#RevolutionaryPoets: A Poem Calls Home

I am dipping into some of the assignments that my friend, Ian, is doing in a university course called Revolutionary Poets Society, as he shares things via Twitter and his website, inviting others to join in. The second prompt calls for a poem of home in an assignment entitled Where I Begin. This is mine. […]

Photography #170

Here’s a weird mix of doing some football photography for my oldest child’s team and taking part in some odd photography assignments that are part of the course I’m co-teaching at VCU. There was enough random photos going on that I st…