October 3, 2019

ACF Repeater Field to Multiple Posts via Advanced Forms

Origin Story We have someone who wants to allow people to enter various numbers of items in a particular pattern. We want to keep this as easy as possible and they wanted to avoid having to repeatedly hit submit. First Pass – Gravity Forms Repeater Field I initially thought we could do this in Gravity Forms using the beta repeater field option. I used example #2 this time. It lets you reference another form as a repeater field inside the parent field. This example uses the form with ID 1 as the parent and ID 2 as the included repeater. This worked great except it has issues with file uploads which canceled it out for our uses. This will work nicely for repeaters that aren’t dealing with those field types. And this pattern can be tossed in a plugin without modification with the idea that the first form you make will be the holder and the second form will be the repeater. Second Pass – ACF with Advanced Forms After seeing that fail, I debated writing something to customize the file upload in Gravity Forms but figured I’d try ACF first. ACF has repeater fields and I recalled using acf_form() in a project a while back but wasn’t sure how it’d handle repeaters. Prior to doing it from scratch, I […]

RobotWriter App: A Story of Updates

I worked on this story idea over at Yap.Net, where I unfolded it one box at a time from June through September. My aim was to try to use the idea of App Updates to tell a story, and to weave some funny ideas into the mix. I had noticed that some App Updates have […]