October 10, 2019

Art Inspirations: The Place-Based Daily Doodle Project

Join the folks in Write Out and CLMOOC (Connected Learning MOOC, an early open learning project created by the National Writing Project) for daily inspirations to draw, doodle, take pictures or write poems, stories or reflections. Each day in October, there is a daily theme, and even if you are just seeing this now, mid-October, […]

Sundi in the park with a republican

Image Credit: Mathias Ripp via flickr.com/photos/56218409@N03/29080604766 One of the first talks I heard after moving to North Carolina in 2017 was Linda Sarsour speak at Davidson College. I knew she was a Women’s March organizer and activist, but to be honest, I didn’t know much else. So I Googled her to find a first page […]

ReWriting the Script: GBL, POS and a Game of Tomes

Last Saturday, at the Western Massachusetts Writing Project annual fall conference, which had the theme of “Rewriting the Script,” I sat in on some interesting workshop sessions. I’ll be doing some sharing out from the conference in the days ahead. I appreciated that the presenter in this workshop entitled, with pun fun, A Game of Tomes […]