August 2, 2020

Mineral Machine Names: My First Subdomains

My memory may be operating at guess level here. The Office Wall Jacks Back in 1992, my first year as an instructional technologist* at the Maricopa Community Colleges, for exact reasons I forget, I was giving what now I know are subdomain names for all of the computers in our office. The how/why goes further […]

Weekly Web Harvest for 2020-07-26

Zoom doesn’t need to be awful: Lessons from video chat historyMore importantly, this is a moment when we desperately need online environments that encourage dialogue between people from different backgrounds and perspectives—that are inclusive of more diverse forms of participation than “Hollywood Squares” allows. The current Zoom environment only sets us back from this goal by reinforcing an interaction model that has been rightly criticized for reflecting and perpetuating the worst instincts of professional meeting culture, such as power-hoarding and individualism. The H5P PB Kitchen – Cooking with H5P & Pressbooksh/t @cogdog Snake Handling | The First Amendment EncyclopediaState courts have consistently upheld the state laws as reasonable health and safety regulations, such as the Court of Appeals of Kentucky in Lawson v. Commonwealth (1942) and the Alabama Court of Appeals in Hill v. State (1956). The adventure app Randonautica has led users to dead bodies, haunted houses, and other bizarre destinations / Boing Boing Fatum Project theory. “All things in the world are causally connected and everything that happens, including our thoughts, is usually determined by the sum of all environmental factors.” Randonautica is an app that borrows from the Fatum Project’s research to break away from the probability-tunnels our everyday choices create. Using a quantum number generator to send users to a set of mysterious coordinates, Randonautica has […]


Sociology of Education // ScheduleThis schedule will evolve as the term proceeds. Watch regularly for more details. You can annotate any Medium page. Feel free to make comments or ask questions right on this page (or any other within our course site).W…