January 2021

Weekly Web Harvest for 2021-01-24

Super Punch: Adversarial fashion“The patterns on the goods in this shop are designed to trigger Automated License Plate Readers, injecting junk data in to the systems”
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Game Log: Sunless Sea

Sunless Sea (2015) is an exemplar of a quality-based narrative. Its use of storylets and a complex network of interconnected qualities to guide their availability demonstrate how narrative elements can be remixed to create systems capable of generating new player stories based on only a few simple rules. At the same time, however, it shows …

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Remote Comments

I’ve had an idea in the back of my mind for a long time now, and as I get closer to a real-world gRSShopper other people can actually use I began to ask around is anyone had seen an implementation. In a word, the response was “no”. So I decided to crea…

Morning Poems, Collected, from Late Migrations

I really enjoyed the essay collection called Late Migrations (A Natural History of Love and Loss), and was working on poems as I was diving in through the book about nature and the world and personal stories (see my review of Margaret Renkl’s book). Sometimes, I write poems in the morning as a response to […]

Dead Professors Society

I was a tad skeptical when I saw the tweets being reshared from a student who was (rightfully if true) upset that his university was having dead professors teach classes. It was the macabre right out of a Netflix series idea of the Teaching Dead but then it is amplified by this Slate story, How […]

Book Review: Squirm

Carl Hiassen sure knows how to cook up a doozy of a young adult book. In Squirm, another in his series of books with environmental themes and young protagonist thwarting the evil greedies of the world, Hiassen spins a tale worth a read. Billy, the hero here, lives in Florida with his sister and his […]

Upcoming Webinars

Webinars for the new year. I did the first one last week and the rest are upcoming. All in cooperation with Maskwacis Cultural College. See https://continuingeducationi.blogspot.com/January 18, …