February 10, 2021


I write a lot about my son and his ADHD, but not a lot, if at all, about my daughter, who also has ADHD. She has basically forbidden me. So as much as I want to write about her right now, I can’t, so I won’t. But I will write about how parenting children with…

Threshold Concepts

In an earlier post, I discussed the concept of first principles thinking and the value of learning something new or teaching it to someone else. Traditional models of learning focus on time and linear growth over time, or a stepped process in which your thinking quickly advances when you “get it.” Threshold Concepts suggest that… Continue reading

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Walk My World: Going Off The Deep End

The latest Learning Event for Walk My World is about the Shape of Stories, and for some reason, I went literal in my mind, thinking of the triangle as a metaphor for sharing a story. I’ve explored the elements of Shape of Story before so I figured I’d think about it at another, eh, angle […]