February 20, 2021

VCU: The Long Goodbye (AFAM and ANTH)

Here’s another stuff-I-did-in-the-past post. It may be doing this does a couple things for me. Whenever I’ve entered a new job I have felt like a moron who knows nothing desperately trying to show I know something and am useful without coming off as desperate.1 Trying to make new friends while learning new acronyms and navigating new political structures probably doesn’t make anyone feel too comfortable. So writing down the successes (or at least work) that has happened helps remind me that it takes time and that I’ve done this before. Additionally I really do forget this stuff and need to write it down. You can see a jumble of people and departments as I write this. I keep having to go back and add things I completely forgot about. It’s taking forever but hopefully this will help me when I need to sift through and find old examples in future conversations. And finally maybe it’s useful to someone else as I realize just how poor a job I’ve done writing about this stuff consistently. So let’s start with things that come to mind under the letter A . . .2 African American Studies Brandi Summers wasn’t at VCU all that long but it was great to work with her while she was there. Race & Space This was her […]