February 21, 2021

Weekly Web Harvest for 2021-02-14

How Shipping Containers End Up in the Ocean – WSJNice multi axis interactive visual explanation of how a ship loses shipping containers in rough seas. The Ingenuity of The ‘Ha-Ha’ | Amusing PlanetIn those early days, before mechanical lawn mowers, sheep and cattle were often allowed to graze on the ground to keep the grassland trimmed. A ha-ha was typically constructed between the estate’s gardens and grounds to prevent grazing animals from crossing over to the manicured lawn and gardens adjoining the house, while generating a continuous vista of the garden and landscape beyond. Unlike an ordinary trench, which may turn into a moat or become overgrown with vegetation, a ha-ha keeps the estate ground in an impeccable state by allowing livestock to graze right up to the stonewall. Citibank just got a $500 million lesson in the importance of UI design | Ars TechnicaRaj thought that checking the “principal” checkbox and entering the number of a Citibank wash account would ensure that the principal payment would stay at Citibank. He was wrong. To prevent payment of the principal, Raj actually needed to set the “front” and “fund” fields to the wash account as well as “principal.” Raj didn’t do that. Citibank’s procedures require that three people sign off on a transaction of this size. In this case, that was […]

Journal Leaks

A Piece of Scarf I’ve made you a piece of scarf. Yes, a piece of scarf. It’s blue and bluish in a crisscross kind of pattern I’ve just learned called a basket weave. Except it’s not a basket and I didn’t weave it. It’s a piece of scarf. Quite striking actually, interesting at the very … Continue reading Journal Leaks

VCU: The Long Goodbye (Art)

Man. These are taking some time to write and I know I’m missing all kinds of stuff. I really have to think through how to do this better for the future. I also found out VCU turned off the Google Takeout option so there’s no easy way to archive my mail or get anything else from there. I don’t think that’s a well thought out decision. So I better get these done while I still have access to my reference materials. Anyway, on with “Things Tom Remembers About Art-Related Projects.” Socially Engaged Art This course with Bob Paris ran for a number of semesters. Initially we’d clone the old site to a URL like sociallyengagedmedia-fall2019 and then clean out the old course so he could start anew. This got to be a bit much as the media library grew so eventually I built a shell course that we’d clone and then we’d just rename the old site in WPMU admin. That was a lot easier and smarter. I should have done it much earlier. Bob played a major role in the look of the site and you never knew what kind of image might greet you on visiting the home page. I’ve actually written about this course in 2016 and 2017. I still like his attention to detail and the […]

Singleton “Global Instance” Pattern in Unity

Introduction to Unity Concepts Unity follows the entity-component-system (ECS) model where its entities (GameObject) have components (sets of values), which talk to systems (e.g. Rendering System, Physics System, etc.). Generic ECS to Unity Terms: Entity: GameObject. Examples include Camera, Sprite, Text, and AudioSource. Anything that can be added to a Scene using the Hierarchy View …

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