February 26, 2021

Can’t See the End: Sewing with ADHD

This post was cross-listed on my new sewing blog, Comedy of Errors. A twitter-story for a few years ago was making the rounds again, on working memory and people with ADHD. I’m terrible at ending my writing. Always have been. I rarely plan out very far, because, well, I have literally no idea what the…

OER and User Pay

 Thanks to Jeff Rubenstein for a thoughtful comment. I agree that the division between ‘content’ and ‘paper + ink’ isn’t always the best way to approach the discussion, and should note here that it was generated as a metaphor to frame a respons…

Book Review: The Silver Arrow

I always enjoyed Lev Grossman’s technology column’s in Time magazine, but never got into the flow of his Magicians book series. His latest young adult novel — The Silver Arrow — is a lovely ride, designed for read-aloud and packed with adventure. I read it alone, and not as a read-aloud, and wished it were […]