April 9, 2021

Sequences and Dragons: “Storylets” in King of Chicago (1989) and Dragon’s Lair (1983)

I really miss conferences! Earlier today, @Yakkafo accidently kicked off a branching conversation I’ve been following across different threads on Twitter about storylets, their use with Twine, and some of the design problems within the space. It’s the type of on-going discussion often only possible when multiple people all come together and start talking about …

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More Looking at a Domain of One’s Own – cPanel

So I’m still getting settled at the new job. It leads to ebbs and flows in energy. I opted to lay off the “long goodbye” posts for a while as they were making me a bit depressed. It was getting rough to look back at selected highlights made over 7 or 8 years while I struggle to make initial relationships over zoom and email. VCU had plenty of hard times where it felt like what I had to offer had no value. I remember that. It took quite a while to get to know people and show them opportunities that both of us wanted to pursue. I’m also just trying to relax a bit more. I have a tendency to think way too hard initially as I struggle to fit in to the place and make sure I’m not making mistakes. On what might be a more useful note, I’ve come back around to our Domain of One’s. This particular look will be at cPanel. I’m not sure how much we customized and how much is stock. I know there are options there but I don’t know the full extent of choice. I tend to figure out what I’d like to do in a perfect world and then go about trying to do it so with that, let’s take a […]

Asking Powerful Questions: Using Coaching Skills in Learning Design

Here is my lightning talk presented at LXDCon 2021 conference last month. I often use “how” and “what” questions for the sticky problems I’m trying to solve with learning design. Besides asking short, direct questions — the key is to WAIT and listen as either someone or a team figures out the next best direction… Continue reading Asking Powerful Questions: Using Coaching Skills in Learning Design