April 11, 2021

Weekly Web Harvest for 2021-04-04

People add by default even when subtraction makes more sense | Science NewsProbably over-simplified but worth thinking about in a number of educational scenarios. “When people try to make something better … they don’t think that they can remove or subtract unless they are somehow prompted to do so,” says behavioral scientist Gabrielle Adams, also at the University of Virginia.   Assessing DoOO at ‘Berg – SimulacrumblyIf the web were pillows, we’d want and expect OIT to ensure our pillows weren’t stuffed with sawdust, or shards of glass, or cooties. OIT is that “do not remove” tag on the pillow warning us to not sleep by open flames. DoOO is a bunch of pillow forts. Boll Weevil Monument, Enterprise, AlabamaThe boll weevil proved to be a tempting target, despite its lofty perch and public location. It disappeared in 1953, 1974, 1981, and 1985 (a failed theft). Each time a new weevil was added, and each time the weevil was larger than the one before. Websites Not Bound by ADA Accessibility Rules, 11th Circuit Finds – Courthouse News ServiceTitle III of the ADA prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability in places of public accommodations, including hotels, restaurants, bars, movie theaters, grocery stores, parks, schools and museums. “All of these listed types of locations are tangible, physical places. No intangible places […]