April 12, 2021

WordPress and Slack Workflow Experiments

Every place I’ve ever worked we’ve ended up talking about paths to deal with support emails and follow ups. Generally there is an existing technology helpdesk support system but it is usually unpleasant to use and hard to customize.1 What we have currently at Middlebury is a fairly typical combination of things going on. We have a Google Form that enters things in a spreadsheet and alerts one email (shared). We also have direct emails coming to various people. We’re also all in Slack. I find email to be an ugly place to try to claim and dispatch work. Do you move it immediately to a folder to indicate you’re dealing with it? Do you mark it as read? How do you have a conversation about who should do it or ask other questions? Seems overkill to do that all in email and especially ugly to do in a shared email account. Do you BCC the original email to tie in the responses? Lots of ugly things that email doesn’t handle well on its own. We can create messages in Slack via forms. That’s no problem. Gravity Forms has a plugin option and we can do it via webhooks if we want to stay in Google Forms. We can also forward emails to a Slack channel. For our particular setup, […]