April 21, 2021

Data Games with Google Sheets

This is for a workshop with students on Saturday. It’s a revision of a thing Jeff and I did a way back in 2018. I think I’ve come up with some improved examples and I’ve revised a few things. The goal is to let any skill level start to see how spreadsheets can be useful to them. The videos are rough walkthroughs of what’s written here. The sheets have links to the various function help pages so I’m not going to duplicate that here. Get your own copy of the importing sheet. Get your own copy of the manipulating data sheet. Get your own copy of the getting data out of sheet. Get Data In The new example sheet for getting data into sheets is here. It has an example of the main ways I can think of to get data into Google sheets that exists elsewhere. importHTML This goes to the URL indicated and imports the second table. Most of the time you’d just cut/paste from the table but there are scenarios (like a Wikipedia page) where the content continues to grow where you might prefer this route. It’s also a bit harder to use these days as some sites load this content via javascript and it ends up being inaccessible to this particular function. importData Another option that […]