May 5, 2021


For some at my university, the spring break is here. For us, not so much. Our Winter 2021 semester rolled straight into Spring/Summer session, still almost entirely taught virtually. Like many of you, we definitely wear the scars of the past year, and we are under no illusions that the anticipated return to campus in […]

Integrating SSO for OERxDomains21

I have a love/hate affair with SAML and SSO in general. Damn, two acronyms in the first sentence?! Nothing like that to thin out the crowds. Still with me? Ok let’s go.

The problem: While much of the conference we recently put on would be open (registration, main website,

Intentionally Equitable Hospitality & Liberating Structures

Keith McCandless, co-created of the Liberating Structures invited me to contribute around 300 words as part of a larger article about the principles of Liberating structures in practice. I talked to him about different possibilities, and one of those we discussed was the relationship between Intentionally Equitable Hospitality (IEH) and LS. So I wrote this…