May 15, 2021


This year was tough. This year was also a power year. I celebrated my birthday yesterday with the family. I took some time to reflect on the year that has passed and be thankful. One year ago I was just beginning to come out of some serious setbacks in my professional career. I was humbled,… Continue reading

The post Shine first appeared on Dr. Ian O’Byrne.

Comic Review: Mister Invincible

I didn’t what to expect about this collection of Mister Invincible, by Pascal Jousselin, but … well … wow … very cool. Playing with and pushing against all of the visual constraints of a comic on a page, this hero of Jousselin’s imagination breaks every convention of comics (such as the solid panel as wall […]

Explaining Palestine to a 9 Year Old

I spent some time yesterday trying to explain Palestine to people who meant well but understood very little about the Palestinian situation. And then my husband and I discussed whether it’s time to discuss it with our daughter, but it kinda fell on me. It is difficult to know how to start and how far…