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An Old, Simple Machine Fixed

Y’all may be fine with dead links and broken sites, but if they belong to me, I am bothered. I was dusting off some portfolio items, and noticed one small, tiny project, maybe not even used anymore, was… busted. Blank screen. Maybe four or five years ago, my friend and colleague Michael Kelly asked if […]

On Deconferencing

Academic conferences are getting some scrutiny about environmental impact of travel. Some. While a valid concern, I think it’s the a misplaced one. Nor is it one of face to face versus online. Are we really doing the best we can for the convening to share practices and ideas? And while there is a privilege […]

2020/366 January = 31/31

I’m one month in to my 13th year of a daily photography practice/compulsion. While perfect attendance is not the goal (only achieved in 2015 and 2016) there usually looms a major year end task of rounding up the strays and ones missing from my yearly album. So as a goal for 2020 (I did not […]

Could Have Been 70

The math on my parent’s anniversary was always easy since they were married in 1950– on February 5, you just needed to subtract 50. Today would have been a party for their 70th. Alas, no party when they are both gone. But twenty years ago it was, my sisters and I had a party for […]

My First Book (Levine, 1971)

I forgot what I was looking for in my flickr photos, but the browser tab has been open to this one for a while. “A Book About Me” would have been published (by crayon) in 1971, as I gather a second grade assignment. That would have been in Ms. Foreman’s class. I was diagnosed as […]

Net Mirror is the New #NetNarr

It’s back. It’s dark, reflective, you are looking into it. It looks “off”. But it’s not. It’s looking at you. Is it? This is the 2020 iteration of a recast Network Narratives, the course I’ve co-taught (completely remotely) at Kean University with Mia Zamora. Things are different this time around, start with the intro that […]

Open Source Hair Loss (OOPs not an acronym)

There’s no lack of boastful articles about the benefits of open source software; I have not come here to bury them (or praise). They can do wonders and sometimes they just can burn your energy. I’m still a fan. But it takes work. In a current project I am responsible for setting up three open […]

No Obligation To a TV Talk Show

My experiences with the bottom feeding world of catfishing has wiggled and slithered from weird to worse. Last week a message came to my flickr mail from someone claiming to be a producer of a national TV talk show (I’m leaving the name out, but it’s one of the big ones) saying that they were […]

TLAs for 400: What is an LXP?

There’s alway room for another Three Letter Acronym. So did I un-intentionally build an LXP? Tannis Morgan first suggested so in twitter and even more in a recent blog post. But wait a minute- whatsa LXP? As a TLA it sounds buzzword-ish. But because I know and respect Tannis, when she first blogged why these […]

She Paints Llamas

My little big sister Harriet always has display the real artist talent in the family. She’s done it again. A surprise package in the mail came with a new watercolor, this of the llamas that live up the road from Cori and I. She has not set up her easel here yet (especially now that […]

I Never Was an “EdTech Guy”

Recently Dean Shareski, long time internet colleague, friend, and since I moved to near Moose Jaw, neighbor, blogged that I Don’t Think I’m an EdTech Guy Anymore. Scanning the comments on his post or the long thread of replies to the tweet thereof, there’s a whole boat full of “Me toos.” Not me. And not […]

Signifying the WayBack Links

I cannot give enough thanks for the Internet Archive WayBack Machine. I should give money, but instead I offer a blog post. And that’s a thing when I am looking to use or refer to an old post here- more often than not, many to most if not all the links are broken. Some days […]