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Net.Art Now.Web

What does the quirky web art of the 1990s, an era before networked video was viable, palettes of 256 colors… have to do with the web of 2019? Maybe everything. Through my old tech ways of scouring the web (RSS Reader) today came another gem from Jay Hoffman’s History of the Web project. It’s not […]

Bot the Author

Meet the AI storyteller? I could not resist the try of StoryAI after seeing this mention from Zach Whalen. After nothing the first results were “conventional”, Zach gave it a good test to see how much I was in the AI. I was as curious, but not maybe as clever. For a prompt I was […]

A SPLOT Fork in the Road

Can you believe this is yet another blog post about SPLOTs? Has anyone stuck a fork in them yet? Not me. I’m considering a rather major change which ultimately make them less complex to set up. This is all about the need for them to use a secret authoring account that the user never sees. […]

8 and 18

They made everything easy for me, from entrance to this world right up to today, the single day I can mark their exit. Today in 2001 Dad took his last breath in hospice, the cancer winning the battle [for what?]. Today in 2011 Mom too, maybe her missing him that much, hers an unanticipated heart […]

Web Writing… like it was not 1995

Some colleagues are pegging one of the best blogging genres, blogging about blogging or writing about writing. Kate Bowles started a wave with lamenting the weight work related writing, Martin Weller cues the Fab Four , Alyson Indrus is focused on writing writing, and while it’s more indirect, D’Arcy Norman’s observation of Apocalyptic Chic is […]

Handing Off WordPress Data to Javascript

This dog’s head has been deep in code in preparation of what I see as a next big step for SPLOTs… (update as this post lingered in draft, the plugin is out and about, please test, please. Please). Usually I toss a lot of technical discoveries into a full post; but as an active reader […]

Congratulations, Mrs. SPLOT, It’s a Plugin

After a longer than expected delivery period, the baby is breathing. Now it’s time for some folks to give it a tickle. There are two sites now running the very first versions of the TRU Writer SPLOT running completely as a WordPress plugin. This means rather than the functionality being coded into a child theme […]

Lunar Optimism

It’s a bit past the apogee (see what I did there?) of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 lunar mission. Maybe a long time for us, but to the moon, that’s but 0.000000011 of its history. The Eagle landed, and it was 2:56 UTC on July 21 when Neil Armstrong stepped out of the […]

Yet Another Wood Pen Gift Story

Can one every have enough hand made wood pens made by friends from wood you have given them? I bet most to all of you never pondered this question. Cori and I are currently sitting on the deck of the house in Strawberry, our first visit back since a year ago April when I left […]

Writer SPLOT: Escape from the WordPress Theme

It’s a work in progress, but check out this version of the TRU Writer SPLOT that is no longer tied to the original’s Radcliffe theme (hit the write menu item to try it). All SPLOTs are single purpose tools, most built as WordPress themes stuffed with custom functionality… technically they are child themes that utilize […]

SPLOTbox With More Configurable Media Variety

As alluded to last week, some expansions have come to the SPLOTbox media collector theme for WordPress. It made sense to add support for image-type media, making the SPLOTbox perhaps a bit broader than TRU Collector. This was relatively easy, so a SPLOTbox site can accept uploads of images (JPG, PNG, GIF), or add them […]

Never Dad-less

There’s no preparation I had as a kid for thinking of a Father’s Day without Dad around, prepping his barbecue for grilled steak even on his own day. I had no world without thinking of him in it. Then you grow up, supposedly. That photo was on the last birthday I celebrated with Dad, it […]

More Ways to Plug Into SPLOTbox

In a media making workshop I ran last week (overdue for the blog queue), I found it both reassuring to see how participants took to sharing media created in a TRU Collector SPLOT powered site and also saw some shortcomes that led to some useful code rabbit holing this weekend. On issue was when we […]

@ontarioextend Domain Camp Preview

Even while preparation falls into place, it was due to to put out a promo video for another round of Ontario Extend Domain Camp. In the first year of the project, Domain of One’s Own was a component of this provincial-wide program to empower educators with a learning-focused approach to technology integration. While not required […]