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Patreon Begging, Now With Three Levels

There was some bit of pride swallowing to launch a patreon begging button campaign, maybe with the idea I could solicit enough to devote maybe 1/3 my time to my tech projects. Each ding is greatly appreciated, so far the monthly stream helps to pay the electric bill, or maybe 1 weeks worth of groceries. […]

Reversing a Reverse Image Search

I will always make a case for image attribution in online publishing as an act of gratitude first, over following rules of some license. And to put this practice into all my works, not just here in the old dog blog. As an ongoing experiment in “a license is only a minimum statement” a few […]

A Simpler, Account Free, SPLOT

This is kind of a big deal for SPLOTs… but then again I thought the plugin version was, and that made nary a ripple. Maybe I need to write an open textbook (SNAP!). A brand new version of the TRU Writer SPLOT WordPress Theme is now available sitting tapping its thumbs waiting for you. It’s […]

Stay Curious With Una Foto Cada Día

It’s no secret around about my love and belief in the practice of taking/sharing daily photos. I’m in my 12th year; this is maybe when practice – obsession? The idea too has resonated in DS106 as the Daily Create, at today’s number 2846, you can do some math and find this has gone on non-stop […]

Feedback, Please?

Brightly colored audio sound wave on black backgroundMaybe the guitar (aka blog post) was not close enough to an amplifier (it fell with a silent thud). I broke some new ground in web making (for me) using a REST API to make a lightweight, customizable HTML site “navigator” for a full WordPress site. Despite a maybe not so clever visual metaphor, perhaps […]

Reclaim or Be Reclaimed

From free web sites biting the dust to the rise of the deleters the web is one precarious pile of links. My lonely ongoing struggle has been preserving the webs I’m responsible for, which could be a full time job if it paid anything. One of the more shameful, thanks for creating all this web […]

Grandma’s Indefinite Birthday

The calendar reminder today, October 15, is rather precise. My grandmother would have been 114 today. So it’s one of the reasons I love and miss her stories, is that she never knew for sure the exact day of her birth. How is that possible? Things were rather different in 1905, in urban Newark, New […]

Another Metaphor Generator, Perchance?

Not that this was necessary. The edtech metaphor making for Martin Weller had completely run its course (and the great John Johnston sharing a way to feed it via a Google spreadsheet), yet I am still tinkering. Today happened just because I was cleaning out old unread email, and found a link I had emailed […]

Wonderous at the Human Scale

I should not have to list out the things that can make one feel weary after a few (hours? minutes?) of opening an internet device. Is anyone else worn out? Thankfully, enough things happen, without seeing them coming, to- at least for now– counter the flood. And invariably for me, these are at the individual […]

Lacktribution: Be Like Everyone Else

Go ahead, be a copycat. Down at number 111 of the 2019 Top Tool for learning is a site I use often myself for finding images available for reuse, pixabay. The rank is anything I care about. Among the comments: “Free images, you do not have to attribute, good selection.” Instructional Designer, USA “As with […]

Sorting and Filtering With Isotope

If you create content in any system, you likely have ways of organizing them into, say WordPress Categories. This is nothing new under the sun. But the typical organization is rather tree like, creating links to drill down, then out. There is an alternative interface, you have likely seen it. I’m not sure what the […]

Invest in Beer?

You love beer? Not the factory produced swill that gets manufactured in mass quantities, but the small runs by craft breweries? I have an opportunity for you! I am offering for sale a 1.5% share of ownership of THAT Brewery, located in Pine Arizona (and a second production facility in Cottonwood, Arizona. Check them out […]