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SPLOTbox With More Configurable Media Variety

As alluded to last week, some expansions have come to the SPLOTbox media collector theme for WordPress. It made sense to add support for image-type media, making the SPLOTbox perhaps a bit broader than TRU Collector. This was relatively easy, so a SPLOTbox site can accept uploads of images (JPG, PNG, GIF), or add them […]

Never Dad-less

There’s no preparation I had as a kid for thinking of a Father’s Day without Dad around, prepping his barbecue for grilled steak even on his own day. I had no world without thinking of him in it. Then you grow up, supposedly. That photo was on the last birthday I celebrated with Dad, it […]

More Ways to Plug Into SPLOTbox

In a media making workshop I ran last week (overdue for the blog queue), I found it both reassuring to see how participants took to sharing media created in a TRU Collector SPLOT powered site and also saw some shortcomes that led to some useful code rabbit holing this weekend. On issue was when we […]

@ontarioextend Domain Camp Preview

Even while preparation falls into place, it was due to to put out a promo video for another round of Ontario Extend Domain Camp. In the first year of the project, Domain of One’s Own was a component of this provincial-wide program to empower educators with a learning-focused approach to technology integration. While not required […]

Space for More Spaces

It’s rather telling that my search for “information abundance” is dominated by results with “Information Overload” in the title. This was my effort to find an opening to write about a friend/colleague’s desire to create a new online space. This first hint of this came upon email notifications of what I missed in Mastodon. I […]

At the Arts Gala: Making Stories with Sound

(Wow, is there ever a backlog of overdue blog posts. I’m giving myself demerits for tardiness). Maybe my favorite media thing to teach is audio editing, because it’s typically fat from most people’s experiences. With an offer from Cori to do a session at the Arts Gala event for the Prairies South School Division, I […]

Hello, World

It’s been a while, WordPress blog. Been busy! That’s all to say now, more later. Just circling back to the first, long ago deleted, post- some make it harder than it should be. Hello. Featured image:

Every Open Tab a Curiosity Beckons

I’ve mentioned it more than once here, but maybe the best thing I have done to put some serendipity wonder into the daily web browsing experience is installing the Library of Congress Free to Use extension. What it does is simple- each time I open a new tab in Chrome, rather than the white screen […]

Tools of Dad

I do not need any social media reminder service to tell me who’s birthday is today; May 2 is always etched with being my Dad’s birthday. Today he would have been 93, but alas his odometer ran out at 72. I do this math, and figure out that when my dad was the age I […]

Vestigial Features: On Splotology and Phylogeny

(with some apologies to Stephen Jay Gould) SPLOTs evolve? Well yes. I’m starting some new work with Daniel Villar-Onrubia at Coventry, where they seem to have taken a shine to SPLOTs. It was their creative ideas for using the TRU Writer and TRU Collector SPLOTs that led to me adding features I had not anticipated. […]


I cannot say I have the itch to glitch, but have always dug the kinds of things my colleague John Johnston does with adding glitch effects to digital stuff. But one link leads to another, and an idea sparks, and then next thing you have been dabbling a bit long, it’s been an unknown amount […]

Big Fish / Small Search Pond

Oh stats. I don’t typically look at the WordPress admin dashboard site stats, but it’s there. Sometimes a funny item pops out of the “top searches” display. What the heck was someone looking for when they put that into the google box? And how did they end up here? This I saw last night: I […]

One Day / Two Online Presentations

Of all days, yesterday, happened as a convergence of doing presentations at two different conferences. Fortunately, I was able to do all from the comfort of home as they were online ones. In my late morning I did a session at the 2019 Technology, Colleges and Community (TCC) conference, which amazingly is the 24th one, […]

As in Enabling the Unanticipated

Like what the world needs is Yet Another Blog Post Defining Openness… (ir in my case, another post about SPLOTs masquerading as another topic?). But the wisps of this have been flitting around back to Open Education Week (when I thought, “why just do this for a week?”) but as well in anticipation of the […]