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New tools on MiddCreate

MiddCreate is Middlebury’s Domain of One’s instance—a space for faculty, staff, and students to explore and develop their digital identity, presence, and capabilities. MiddCreate gives you ownership and agency in [ … ]

I will remember you by the river

Two weeks ago today, we had to put our dog to sleep. My dog. Sam. Sam was my dog for almost sixteen years. I got him when he was just a few weeks old. I was still in my first marriage, though not for much longer. My ex and I saw someone selling pups on […]

Do not track (an #OLCInnovate plea)

At the OLC Innovate conference—a conference where I was presenting with Adam Croom about the need to be more thoughtful and careful with student data—I ran into my own issues with unnecessary surveillance and invasions of privacy: Door keepers at the entrance to every session demandingly and sometimes aggressively required us to scan our badges […]

This is the song when the sun sets

I. Song Every morning as I’m waking up, my brain picks a song and turns it up to 11. It’s annoying. It’s like the radio clock in Groundhog Day, except that it’s a different song most days. via GIPHY It’s usually either a Jazzercise song or a Punch Brothers song. Today it was the latter. […]