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modularizing and disaggregating

At the COHERE 2019 conference, the informal theme this morning was on modularizing and disaggregating – breaking out of the traditional 4-year degree program, breaking away from the semester-long course, enabling access to content and resources and people outside of the traditional contexts. Dr. Reid opened the conference with a description of this shift, and […]

Gamelog: Hexaflip

I’ve been playing some casual games as part of the Apple Arcade trial subscription, and have really been enjoying Hexaflip by Rogue Games. One part Q-Bert, one part Marble Madness, one part platform runner. It’s a deceptively simple game – there are only two “controls” – tap left and tap right. No forward or backward. […]

progress on the digital-whiteboard-text-markup thing

After quickly (and I mean QUICKLY – it took less than half an hour’s worth of fiddling around with code while sitting on the couch watching garbage TV) building a way for people to markup chunks of text using the -powered digital whiteboards, I wanted to test it in action. It’s one thing to […]

Text annotation via digital whiteboards

We hosted a “TI Instructors Gathering” this morning, where we invite folks who are teaching in the Taylor Institute to come together to share their experiences and we can learn from them about how they use the spaces and technologies. This gathering was predominantly Languages profs – french/spanish/russian/french – and we got to talking about […]

Design thinking, with giant lobsters

Robert Kelly has been hosting his Design Thinking course in the TI for the past several years. I was away over the summer, so missed the latest instance of the course. Giant lobsters! Thankfully, they documented the course and published a video of the shenanigans. It’s a bit of a challenge when the course is […]

Must-play examples of great video game design?

The plan for my PhD is taking a bit of a different tack, to take advantage of an incredible opportunity that will remain cryptically-alluded-to for now. I need to go deep on video game design, and I’ll be approaching things from a teachy-learny perspective so ideally I need to spend some quality time with key […]

Snapshots from the poison room

I took photos throughout my chemo/immunotherapy treatment, to document my reactions and the view from the poison room. Photos generates a decent slideshow (complete with Generic Copyright-takedown-avoiding Sountrack #1)1 I spent a few weeks back in 1997 building a similar video with photos from our wedding, in Macromedia Director and then output to VHS to […]

I also need more blogs

Ben Werdmüller wrote a post this morning on the value of blogs and regular longer-form writing. I 1000% agree with him. You should start a blog, if you don’t have one already. There’s nothing better for organizing your thoughts and socializing ideas. You don’t have to labor for days over a post; blogs are often […]

Apocalypse Chic

Charlie Tyson, in the Chronicle of Higher Education. Anyone can weaponize melancholy; but distinguished older professors who have lived through the declining prestige of the humanities and of humanistic forms of knowledge — who have seen their own power and possibilities diminish within their lifetime — may be especially vulnerable. Fashionable fatalism is often practiced […]

Lockdown – privacy app for iOS

I was sure I saw a link to this from Daringfireball, but can’t seem to find it again. Anyway. I’ve been running Lockdown on my phone for a couple of weeks now, and it’s been working great. It’s an app that integrates with the VPN feature in iOS, so all network requests get pushed through […]

moving my digital notestuff to Notes

I’ve been using digital notebooks for many, many years. Everything was in Evernote, until it wasn’t. Then I used Noteshelf for the great ink. Then I used OneNote for the organization and even better ink. All along, I’ve kept a series of paper notebooks, which I’ve found myself using more often in the last couple […]

An update from chemo-land

The one where our protagonist realizes he hasn’t published a blog post since November of last year and becomes paralyzed by the realization that he has nothing of note to write about, aside from a health update. Which is a great problem to have, given the circumstances. So. I’ve been on medical leave from work […]