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Lockdown – privacy app for iOS

I was sure I saw a link to this from Daringfireball, but can’t seem to find it again. Anyway. I’ve been running Lockdown on my phone for a couple of weeks now, and it’s been working great. It’s an app that integrates with the VPN feature in iOS, so all network requests get pushed through […]

moving my digital notestuff to Notes

I’ve been using digital notebooks for many, many years. Everything was in Evernote, until it wasn’t. Then I used Noteshelf for the great ink. Then I used OneNote for the organization and even better ink. All along, I’ve kept a series of paper notebooks, which I’ve found myself using more often in the last couple […]

An update from chemo-land

The one where our protagonist realizes he hasn’t published a blog post since November of last year and becomes paralyzed by the realization that he has nothing of note to write about, aside from a health update. Which is a great problem to have, given the circumstances. So. I’ve been on medical leave from work […]

Defining Learning Innovation | Technology and Learning

Several interesting points by Joshua Kim, on the nature of innovation in higher ed. A focus on institutional learning innovation may involve the decision that all new classroom spaces and renovations will result in active learning spaces, with flat floors and moveable furniture. Or it may revolve around an initiative to embed academic librarians with … Continue reading Defining Learning Innovation | Technology and Learning

articles in the Journal of Learning Spaces 7(1)

4 interesting articles in the most recent issue, in no particular order: McDavid, L., Carleton Parker, L., Burgess, W., Robertshaw, B., & Doan, T. (2018). The Combined Effect of Learning Space and Faculty Self-Efficacy to use Student-Centered Practices on Teaching Experiences and Student Engagement. Journal of Learning Spaces, 7(1). Retrieved from Instructors who teach well … Continue reading articles in the Journal of Learning Spaces 7(1)

1 year

It’s weird. It was only last summer that the whole cancer thing happened, but it feels like so much longer. It went from a simple strange blood test to a confirmed strange blood test to every-single-blood-test-ever to a biopsy and CT scan and full diagnosis within a few weeks last year. I have trouble remembering … Continue reading 1 year

Using Brightspace’s “Terms and Conditions” tool

As a university, we’ve had two major issues related to the use of the campus learning management system. Sharing of personal information with third party services/companies1 Copyright of materials uploaded to courses, and subsequently downloaded and shared with third parties as per above. Copyright compliance is a pretty big deal at Canadian universities. We needed … Continue reading Using Brightspace’s “Terms and Conditions” tool

Introducing TIDraw – simplest possible digital whiteboards

It’s not a SPLOT per se, because it’s intended for use in face-to-face learning rather than online. SPF2FT? At the Taylor Institute, we have a bunch of active learning classrooms – we call them “learning studios”. They’re designed to enable active group collaboration, through the design of the rooms, to the furniture available, and the … Continue reading Introducing TIDraw – simplest possible digital whiteboards