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I’ve been off work for a little while due to some complications with my ol’ brain. I start back up tomorrow. Immediately, I recognize that same old familiar feeling of overwhelm when opening up my email to begin deciding what is most important to tackle for today. I had that same feeling every morning before … Continue reading “priorities”

The Music Industry of Academic Publishing

There are parallels between what is currently happening in academic publishing to the array of digital disturbances brought upon recording production houses. These similarities are noteworthy for improving understanding of academic scholarship in the digital age.

Just write…

Makena with her really cool FreeWrite Recently, my friend Makena Neal shared with me a super neat gadget she acquired for focused writing. It is called a FreeWrite. Essentially, it has a WiFi connection for the sole purpose of sending what you write up to the cloud. Other than that, it is geared for distraction free … Continue reading “Just write…”

Embarking on teaching a nine credit seminar

This is an opening post to a series of daily posts reflecting on my learning as an instructor. This summer, I am teaching an intensive 9 credit hour seminar in 6 weeks on the topics of educational technology, educational leadership, and educational research.

Why Go Up There?

As I watched the Falcon Heavy successfully pull of its test launch on February 6th, I was spellbound with awe and excitement. I’ve enjoyed sharing the exhilarating human achievement with friends and family in recent days. I can still hardly believe what SpaceX has pulled off and the future they are helping us charter. I’ve also … Continue reading “Why Go Up There?”

Routine Visits?

Erik got me thinking the other day… What would it look like to have routine on-site visits, observations and interactions as a regular aspect of our project processes? Maybe these should be foundational practices for our routine project work. Would it help all of us better understand the learning and teaching context we are helping … Continue reading “Routine Visits?”

finish lines

This past week, I was privileged to witness two amazing PhD candidates I know cross the finish line of defending their dissertations. Congratulations, Dr. Andrea Zellner and Dr. Erik Skogsberg! The hours, days, weeks, months, years, and the perseverance people like you demonstrate toward major life accomplishments like this are an inspiration to people like me. You … Continue reading “finish lines”

hello, world!

Friends, They say you are a writer if nothing makes you more excited than a blank page. Maybe that makes me a writer? I don’t know, I think a writer is someone who writes and writes often because it is in their bones. I’m excited to start a brand-new writing and reflective practice here in … Continue reading “hello, world!”