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Connections, Counterfactuals, and the 5Rs

I absolutely love people who make the Herculean effort necessary to view well-known things from a distinctly different point of view. One person making that effort is Chiara Marletto. I was introduced to her work a few years and reminded of it again this week by the wonderful interview with her in Quanta Magazine. (I […]

We Should Pause and Ask the Question

There’s a really terrific conversation happening on the cc-openedu listserv. It started out as a question about OER, but has moved on to a conversation about the purposes of open more generally. Dr. Chuck contributed over the weekend, and his contribution provides a great opportunity for me to respond with the first substantive post since […]

Renaming My Blog

My blog has changed names twice over the years. Today, after 15 years, it’s changing again. Before I had a “real” blog, I published random thoughts on whatever personal website my then-current university would give me access to, starting in 1993. Remember tilde accounts? ( / has always (since 1995) been a personal home […]

Fall in Love with the Problem, Not the Solution

Curt Bonk and I recently published a Preface for a special issue of ETR&D on Systematic Reviews of Research on Learning Environments and Technologies. It is largely a collection of personal stories and reflections about the arc of learning technologies over the last 30 years. However, we close with some advice which I believe to […]

The Revisability Paradox

Long-time readers will be familiar with “learning objects” and the “reusability paradox.” If you’ve been working in educational technology since…

The Musician’s Rule

It’s well established in the educational research literature that explicitly connecting new information to prior knowledge improves learning. So, let’s…

Clarifying and Strengthening the 5Rs

Despite my best efforts, I spent much of the recent holiday break thinking about the eviscerated definition of OER in the final version of the UNESCO OER Recommendation. As I fretted about the holes in the final language and the size of the various trucks you could drive through them, I also reflected on the […]

The Spirit of Open

Last year I created an un-styled, (hopefully) easy-to-reuse slide deck about Creative Commons, the 5Rs, and OER. I’ve been a vocal advocate for CC since the day it launched, and have been answering questions about the licenses for years. I helped design the new Creative Commons Certification course, taught the first two sections offered, and […]

Some of the Wonderful Things I Discovered in 2019

I suppose it’s time for end of year reflections. In many ways my year was dominated by three things – my family’s move from Utah to West Virginia, donating part of my liver to Cable, and closing down the annual Open Education Conference after fifteen years. Each of these took huge amounts of time and […]