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Journal Leaks

A Piece of Scarf I’ve made you a piece of scarf. Yes, a piece of scarf. It’s blue and bluish in a crisscross kind of pattern I’ve just learned called a basket weave. Except it’s not a basket and I didn’t weave it. It’s a piece of scarf. Quite striking actually, interesting at the very … Continue reading Journal Leaks

Wrap It Up

Some stuff I did in 2020 that I’m actually proud of. Gave my first keynote ever. Led some online anti racism workshops that went well. 3. Got a 10 person group from my school to attend The online NAIS People of Color Conference. 4. I’m advising a HS Junior on developing & implementing diversity awareness … Continue reading Wrap It Up


Something I’ve perhaps forgotten about having a personal blog is that it can be fully what I want it to be. I can write what I want and need to write about. I don’t require an outside prompt or a random deadline. This is my space, for my thoughts, at any given time. This has … Continue reading Unload.

Truth Lookout

Truth is slippery in certain folks’ hands. I say I’m looking for truth and what I mean is that I’m expecting an insight I can connect with, a plausibility that makes strong common sense. My ears are open for that deep, drumming undertone that I felt before I could actually hear it. I long for … Continue reading Truth Lookout

On The Way To DPL #DigitalIdentity

It’s happening. Next week Digital Pedagogy Lab will commence. Participants across multiple time zones will be chiming into conversations from kitchens and living rooms, attending keynotes, workshops and their selected course. As circumstances require, we’ll be all online for this explosion of digital exchange and encouragement. The lab will be different this year and we’ll … Continue reading On The Way To DPL #DigitalIdentity

I Worry

I worry. When I hear the call for help that comes by e-mail looking for a trainer, consultant, someone who can help us “have conversations … about these areas.” I worry. When I hear the institution is prepared to pay good money to hear what they already know and continue to pretend not to understand … Continue reading I Worry