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The Woodard projection

In a memorable episode of The West Wing, visitors from the Cartographers for Social Justice upend CJ’s and Josh’s worldviews. Cartographer: “The Peters projection.” CJ: “What the hell is that?” Cartographer: “It’s where you’ve been living this whole time.” I’m having the same reaction to Colin Woodard’s 2011 book American Nations. He sees North America … Continue reading “The Woodard projection”

Highlighting passages doesn’t aid my memory, but speaking them does

When I was in college, taking notes on textbooks and course readings, I often copied key passages into a notebook. There weren’t computers then, so like a medieval scribe I wrote out my selections longhand. Sometimes I added my own notes, sometimes not, but I never highlighted, even in books that I owned. Writing out … Continue reading “Highlighting passages doesn’t aid my memory, but speaking them does”