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Closing Tabs, Episode 4: White Supremacy and the Academy

SNOW DAY!!! Well, sort of. The amazing Dorothy Kim was scheduled to give a presentation at UMW today, but the university was closed due to snow. But Dorothy was already in town, so a few of us braved the weather to meet her and record a conversation about white supremacy, online harassment, and the effects […]

Closing Tabs, Episode 3: Teaching with(out) Social Media

Jesse and I have taught with Twitter for ages, often requiring students to create accounts, tweet about their coursework, even crafting assignments where a single tweet was the assignment. But we don’t anymore. Why not? What do we do instead? How do we help our students navigate the world of public, digital scholarship in a […]

The other side of the tenure tracks

This is a short presentation I’m giving today at the Society for Music Theory, in a session on career opportunities outside the professorate.

I graduated from Yale with a PhD in music theory in 2011. I landed a tenure-track job before graduation, but it wasn’t a healthy place. I loved