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Closing Tabs, Episode 4: White Supremacy and the Academy

SNOW DAY!!! Well, sort of. The amazing Dorothy Kim was scheduled to give a presentation at UMW today, but the university was closed due to snow. But Dorothy was already in town, so a few of us braved the weather to meet her and record a conversation about white supremacy, online harassment, and the effects […]

Closing Tabs, Episode 3: Teaching with(out) Social Media

Jesse and I have taught with Twitter for ages, often requiring students to create accounts, tweet about their coursework, even crafting assignments where a single tweet was the assignment. But we don’t anymore. Why not? What do we do instead? How do we help our students navigate the world of public, digital scholarship in a […]

The other side of the tenure tracks

This is a short presentation I’m giving today at the Society for Music Theory, in a session on career opportunities outside the professorate.

I graduated from Yale with a PhD in music theory in 2011. I landed a tenure-track job before graduation, but it wasn’t a healthy place. I loved

Just how far did Russian propaganda go?

Facebook and Twitter have changed their tune on Russian propaganda again. In prepared remarks before congress tomorrow, Twitter will state that they found evidence that 36,746 accounts “generated approximately 1.4 million automated, election-related Tweets, which collectively received approximately 288 million impressions” in the run up to