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When I was back in the USA in late January, early February before the world was turned upside down, I was getting some art framed for the complete site redesign of Reclaim Video and Reclaim Arcade. It really does seem … Continue reading

Ow3ned or Owned?

if you’re getting organized right now, consider self-hosted server infrastructure. here’s what @ExtinctionR is running, by @julian0liver and here is the key slide — Kyle McDonald (@kcimc) July 7, 2020 A week or so ago Lori Emerson shared … Continue reading

Reclaim Cloud Q&A

Yesterday Tim, Lauren, and I sat down to talk more in-depth about Reclaim Cloud, as well as use the occasion to respond to questions folks have about this new platform that’s currently in open beta. 018: Cloud Q&A If you … Continue reading

Long Live UMW Blogs

The last few weeks I’ve been working with UMW instructional technologist Shannon Hauser* on some overdue maintenance for the venerable UMW Blogs. Part of that work included a quick coat of paint for the homepage featured above. It has been … Continue reading