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Reflections on HAX Camp

I spent the last 2 days in a whirlwind trip driving down to Durham, North Carolina to meet up with a motley crew of web developers and talk all things web components at HAX Camp. I came away with my mind reeling and trying to stay above water on all

Smash TV comes to Life

Early this week as I got some of the “Makerspace” side of CoWork cleaned up I decided I wanted to return to the Smash TV restoration. When I last left off I had a great looking control panel built out, but not yet wired up. In fact nothing had been

Powerful Moments in VR

There are certain moments for me growing up where my relationship to technology hits a milestone and I think “woah, this is something special”. Building my first PC in my parent’s kitchen and booting it up for the first time. Standing in the Apple Store in NYC holding an iPhone

The Goodrich Archives

Growing up one of the constant staples of any family experience that involved relatives was my uncle Ted carrying a camcorder around. That’s right, he was that guy that always seemed to be recording during holidays, birthdays, vacations, and any other trips we were on. My family was also very

Archiving Domains 2019 Presentations

During the process of preparing for our second Domains conference the question came up as to whether we would do any recordings. This was not something we tackled in 2017 the first time around and honestly, there can often be so many moving parts that it diminishes the experience for

More PHP Updates

Traditionally Reclaim Hosting (like many hosts I’m sure) has trailed a bit behind on pushing bleeding edge versions of PHP for our clients. Maybe that’s a symptom of how much of the web still has a ways to go in terms of compatibility, but we want to start pushing things

Hosting Profile: Siteground

If you are a regular reader of this blog, it may strike you as super odd for the cofounder of a web hosting company to be profiling competitors. However I think market research and understanding what others in the field are doing, their strengths and their weaknesses, is incredibly healthy

Celebrating Imagination

My family and I just returned from a fairly last minute trip down to Florida to visit Disney World. It’s our second time going and sometimes I wonder if I get more out of it than my 8 year old, but it’s been 4 years since she had gone and

Reclaim Video Telepresence

If there were ever a defining theme to this blog and my professional career, it’s that I’m a tinkerer at heart. I love experimentation and pushing on the edges of what’s possible. I grew up fascinated with the game Mouse Trap and putting together Rube Goldberg machines. This extended to

Smash TV Control Panel

As the work continues on Smash TV I can quickly see that this will be a very special game to me. I’m learning a ton (probably a common theme in these blog posts) and all the sweat and hours I’ve spent just heighten the anticipation of getting to play the

Joust upgrades

This is a short post just to document a few small upgrades to our Joust cabinet. Shortly after we got it we got a 131 RAM error which can mean a variety of things given it’s the first RAM chip in sequence. Some research pointed to a potential power issue

Square Pegs in Round Holes

I’ve been tackling various parts to the Smash TV restore project at once and the nice thing about it is that when I get bored with one thing or need to do some research I can always step away from that and find 10 other areas I need to eventually

Centipede High Scores

Since this blog has become All Reclaim Arcade All The Time #noregrets I wanted to return to the very first repair I did on our first game last summer. Jim and I had travelled down to Richmond to pick up a Centipede in beautiful condition and brought it back to

Smash TV: The Future is Now

I’ve hinted at my goal of finding a good project piece on the arcade front that I could try my hand at restoration work. I’ve never considered myself much of a handyman but between various small projects at CoWork and smaller repairs with the games we own I’ve gotten more

Arcade Repair and the DIY Aesthetic

As we’ve continued to add to the collection of arcade games at Reclaim Video/CoWork it was inevitable that we would either need to find someone good at repairing these machines or learn to do it ourselves. I think you can probably imagine what side of that coin I landed