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Slack Bot! SLACK BOT!!

via GIPHY I don’t know why these two things are connected in my head but they are. So this is another one of those odd workflow posts. Here’s the scenario. I built a Slack App in their Bolt javascript SDK. That app has a command /courseupdate that triggers a modal with a selection and three text entry fields. Submission of that modal form creates a custom post type on a WordPress site. That custom post type is created with three ACF fields updated and a tag added so the update can be associated with a particular project. You can see it in action in the video below. There’s also a custom WordPress theme involved but it doesn’t really matter for this conversation. Various Resources The app runs on Heroku because that seemed the easiest route at the time to host the app. The Bolt framework to build the Slack portion runs in Node. The WP-API to connect the Slack actions to the WordPress site via the WordPress JSON API (also runs in Node). JSON formatter so I could more easily see what was going on with some of the JSON. There are a variety of tutorials that I used but none of them quite worked for me by themselves. Slack Bolt App in Glitch Deploying your slackbot to Heroku Another […]

Weekly Web Harvest for 2021-05-02

OERxDomains21 Guideconference guide – A thing worth checking out for many reasons. Hat’s of to Michael Branson Smith for the js work.
What is journalism? Chapter Five: Why Bother?Interesting topic and display.
The Isolator: A 1925 Helmet D…

Weekly Web Harvest for 2021-04-18

Tom Liam Lynch, Ed.D. on Twitter: “For #WorldBookDay & #ShakespearesBirthday, let’s have some computational fun! ?? Here’s a chart showing word frequencies of TIME, FEAR, NIGHT, & SPEAK in 1 of Shakespeare’s plays. Tell me vi…

Data Games with Google Sheets

This is for a workshop with students on Saturday. It’s a revision of a thing Jeff and I did a way back in 2018. I think I’ve come up with some improved examples and I’ve revised a few things. The goal is to let any skill level start to see how spreadsheets can be useful to them. The videos are rough walkthroughs of what’s written here. The sheets have links to the various function help pages so I’m not going to duplicate that here. Get your own copy of the importing sheet. Get your own copy of the manipulating data sheet. Get your own copy of the getting data out of sheet. Get Data In The new example sheet for getting data into sheets is here. It has an example of the main ways I can think of to get data into Google sheets that exists elsewhere. importHTML This goes to the URL indicated and imports the second table. Most of the time you’d just cut/paste from the table but there are scenarios (like a Wikipedia page) where the content continues to grow where you might prefer this route. It’s also a bit harder to use these days as some sites load this content via javascript and it ends up being inaccessible to this particular function. importData Another option that […]

Weekly Web Harvest for 2021-04-11

Share Target – WordPress plugin | WordPress.orgBy using this plugin, you can share content like images, media, URLs and text directly to your WordPress site from a capable device and browser. For example, you can share a photo that you just took on yo…

WordPress and Slack Workflow Experiments

Every place I’ve ever worked we’ve ended up talking about paths to deal with support emails and follow ups. Generally there is an existing technology helpdesk support system but it is usually unpleasant to use and hard to customize.1 What we have currently at Middlebury is a fairly typical combination of things going on. We have a Google Form that enters things in a spreadsheet and alerts one email (shared). We also have direct emails coming to various people. We’re also all in Slack. I find email to be an ugly place to try to claim and dispatch work. Do you move it immediately to a folder to indicate you’re dealing with it? Do you mark it as read? How do you have a conversation about who should do it or ask other questions? Seems overkill to do that all in email and especially ugly to do in a shared email account. Do you BCC the original email to tie in the responses? Lots of ugly things that email doesn’t handle well on its own. We can create messages in Slack via forms. That’s no problem. Gravity Forms has a plugin option and we can do it via webhooks if we want to stay in Google Forms. We can also forward emails to a Slack channel. For our particular setup, […]

Weekly Web Harvest for 2021-04-04

People add by default even when subtraction makes more sense | Science NewsProbably over-simplified but worth thinking about in a number of educational scenarios. “When people try to make something better … they don’t think that they can remove or subtract unless they are somehow prompted to do so,” says behavioral scientist Gabrielle Adams, also at the University of Virginia.   Assessing DoOO at ‘Berg – SimulacrumblyIf the web were pillows, we’d want and expect OIT to ensure our pillows weren’t stuffed with sawdust, or shards of glass, or cooties. OIT is that “do not remove” tag on the pillow warning us to not sleep by open flames. DoOO is a bunch of pillow forts. Boll Weevil Monument, Enterprise, AlabamaThe boll weevil proved to be a tempting target, despite its lofty perch and public location. It disappeared in 1953, 1974, 1981, and 1985 (a failed theft). Each time a new weevil was added, and each time the weevil was larger than the one before. Websites Not Bound by ADA Accessibility Rules, 11th Circuit Finds – Courthouse News ServiceTitle III of the ADA prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability in places of public accommodations, including hotels, restaurants, bars, movie theaters, grocery stores, parks, schools and museums. “All of these listed types of locations are tangible, physical places. No intangible places […]

More Looking at a Domain of One’s Own – cPanel

So I’m still getting settled at the new job. It leads to ebbs and flows in energy. I opted to lay off the “long goodbye” posts for a while as they were making me a bit depressed. It was getting rough to look back at selected highlights made over 7 or 8 years while I struggle to make initial relationships over zoom and email. VCU had plenty of hard times where it felt like what I had to offer had no value. I remember that. It took quite a while to get to know people and show them opportunities that both of us wanted to pursue. I’m also just trying to relax a bit more. I have a tendency to think way too hard initially as I struggle to fit in to the place and make sure I’m not making mistakes. On what might be a more useful note, I’ve come back around to our Domain of One’s. This particular look will be at cPanel. I’m not sure how much we customized and how much is stock. I know there are options there but I don’t know the full extent of choice. I tend to figure out what I’d like to do in a perfect world and then go about trying to do it so with that, let’s take a […]

Weekly Web Harvest for 2021-03-28

How Different Cartoonists Draw Water – Part II » Ben Towle: Cartoonist, Educator, Hobo Ocean sentinel albatrosses locate illegal vessels and provide the first estimate of the extent of nondeclared fishing | PNASHere, we describe a concept of “Ocean Sentinel” using animals equipped with state-of-the-art loggers which monitor fisheries in remote areas. Albatrosses fitted with loggers detecting and locating the presence of vessels and transmitting the information immediately to authorities allowed an estimation of the proportion of nondeclared fishing vessels operating in national and international waters of the Southern Ocean. One of the iwan ceilings of Fatima Masumeh Shrine in atabki sahn, Qom, Iran – Fatima Masumeh Shrine – WikipediaDecorative muqarnas vaulting in the iwan entrance of Fatima Masumeh Shrine in atabki sahn, Qom, Iran. CINEMETRICS — film data visualizationcinemetrics is about measuring and visualizing movie data, in order to reveal the characteristics of films and to create a visual “fingerprint” for them. Information such as the editing structure, color, speech or motion are extracted, analyzed and transformed into graphic representations so that movies can be seen as a whole and easily interpreted or compared side by side Maia ????? on Twitter: “The effects of immigration on wages, explained” / Twitterthe video ends up being strangely engaging and the tool to make your own is on there (I used […]

Accessibility in WordPress

Webpage Accessibility Checklist Using this list should result in highly accessible (though not necessarily perfect) site. If you are unsure of what a heading is referring to, please refer to the associated links for more information. Theme Selection Us…

Weekly Web Harvest for 2021-03-21

Twitch’s Latest Sensation Is A Stop Sign Where No One StopsThis is Stopsigncam, a Twitch channel that suddenly has over 125,000 followers even though it’s just a camera trained on a single neighborhood intersection in Salem, Massachusetts.
yes i…

Weekly Web Harvest for 2021-03-14

Solar ProtocolThis website is hosted across a network of solar powered servers and is sent to you from wherever there is the most sunshine.
CMB2 – WordPress plugin | WordPress.orgInteresting alternative to ACF.
How to Use Image Carousels the Right Way…

Weekly Web Harvest for 2021-03-07

Jess Phoenix ? on Twitter: “Can all of us geo or geo-adjacent folks please take a moment to revel in the CV of one Matt Hall. It is a thing of wonder. #AcademicTwitter” / Twitter
CryptPad: Collaboration suite, encry…

All ACF Fields to Custom Post Type

A long time ago, I put a post up about getting ACF Fields for a custom post type in the WP JSON API response but you’d have to do that one by one. Sometimes that would be good but if you have a lot of fields and don’t mind them being public it’s not so good. So I was looking around and hit this StackOverflow question. This is a nice option for getting all the fields . . . as long as you remember to change the filter name to be rest_prepare_YOURCUSTOMPOSTYPENAME then it’ll work for any custom post type. Otherwise you’ll think it doesn’t work.

Domain of One’s Own – Initial MiddCreate Conversation

Yesterday we had our first group meeting revisiting where we wanted MiddCreate to go. That’s one of my main projects so I was facilitating the meeting. It was a bit odd to start a big project like this over Zoom but I think it went ok. I set up a Google Doc as a way to get the conversation going and provide us with a bit of structure. I’m basing this post of the notes I took during the conversation but will undoubtably skew it so hopefully some other participants will weigh in. Consider all this a really early rough draft. That’s why you see some unfinished lists. I would love to see how other people have thought this through so if you’ve done anything remotely similar throw a link in the comments.1 If you decide to do anything similar please link it. If you just want to comment on this, please do it. Do it here in the comments so the ideas don’t drift away in a stream of tweets about Tony Hawk and the royal family. It’ll be like the web was back in the day. Comments and trackbacks. Won’t that be nice? There are three main questions and we agreed to look at them through a few different constituent groups- students, faculty/staff, and DLINQ itself. There’s a […]

Looking at a Domain of One’s Own

Middlebury has a Domain of One’s Own initiative. We only dabbled in it a bit at VCU with one of Andrew’s web design courses. I’ve seen bits and pieces and worked with people on various aspects of this over the years but I haven’t paid attention in the same way I do when I’m actually doing the thing. Now that I am, I’m doing some research. First I wanted to find a bunch of DoOO institutions and see how they were talking about things. So I did a Google search ( “domain of one’s own”) and then following a URL I found on the OU site, I ended up on the Reclaim Server uptime site1 and started doing some patterned searches based on this. Then I found the Reclaim page I should have looked at originally. So I went and got a bunch of the language used on the sites to talk about what the DoOO was going to do. Many of the institutions kept with three items and so I logged the item title and the description. You can see that raw data in this spreadsheet. You can see a tag cloud of common words in the descriptions below.2 You can also mess around with Voyant and see what you might find that’s interesting. Maybe the phrases start to […]

Weekly Web Harvest for 2021-02-28

How Bellingcat’s Eliot Higgins took on the world’s criminals and won – BBC Science Focus MagazineI could go back and win the argument about whether this video was legitimate. That’s where it started, but I found it fascinating you could do this. I was frustrated that the reporting was so focused on what was happening from the perspective of the journalists on the ground, while there was so much information being shared online from a range of different sources that was being ignored because people felt they couldn’t verify their authenticity. But if you actually examined and analysed the videos, you could get a much more granular view of the conflict. I kept doing this and in early 2012 I started a blog, a place where I could put my thoughts. There were so many people watching these videos and basically creating conspiracies around them. I wanted to write about what I could see, not what my opinions were. About | RAWGraphsRAW Graphs is an open source data visualization framework built with the goal of making the visual representation of complex data easy for everyone. Field Day LabThanks to Joe I saw this group which is doing lots of fun stuff. What Are Digital Competencies? | Bryn Mawr College a tool for students to use to reflect on the digital […]

VCU: The Long Goodbye (Biology)

I’m going to put biology, environmental sciences, and some other things associated with biology in my head in this post. This does not reflect the political realities of VCU where it’s a very big deal that these things are not in biology. I’m not going to get to nearly all of these and I don’t have all of them here but that’s a longer list. I love these people and these projects. So many were great chances to learn new things but also to get outside and really blend technology, nature, and experiential learning. So many people want you to choose one or the other. Why not both and in ways that reinforce the advantages in each? Sturgeon Wrangling Very early on in my time at VCU Matt Balazik was doing an amazing blog on his work with sturgeons on the James River. He had a sturgeon tattoo on his arm . . . that his wife drew! He was fully committed! He’d post about sturgeons but also put up really interesting things like the train-car padlock from the early 1900s that he found under one of the railroad bridges that span the James. Something weird happened politically with his blog and he took it down. It was very sad because he was doing an amazing job. I had plans […]

Weekly Web Harvest for 2021-02-21

Open Syllabus: Galaxy – The collaborative browser based IDEpretty slick
7 Inspiring Headless WordPress Examples Out in the Wild (2021)
Sample Breakdown: Britney Spears – Toxic – YouTube
Ed Solomon on Twitter: “Update: m…