Comic Review: Mister Invincible

I didn’t what to expect about this collection of Mister Invincible, by Pascal Jousselin, but … well … wow … very cool. Playing with and pushing against all of the visual constraints of a comic on a page, this hero of Jousselin’s imagination breaks every convention of comics (such as the solid panel as wall […]

Comics About Writing: Break and Bend the Rules

The comic above led to a great conversation on Twitter the other day about the role of mentor texts, and learning from genres, and remix. Thanks to everyone who added in to the conversation (Sarah, Terry, Sheri, Daniel, Ronald, Jayne, etc.) At one point, something somebody wrote (prob Terry) brought me back to making a […]

Walk My World Comic: A Turning Point for Teaching

The latest prompt in Walk My World is a look at a “turning point” in our own narrative stories — a place where something shifted and took you in a new direction. Of course, every life has many of these decision paths, and some are too personal to share in a public space like this. […]

NetNarr: Then What?

I’m not completely sure what I am doing here, but Networked Narratives is designed on the reality that the Pandemic has changed learning at the University level. I followed the lead of some others in designing some art about this concept. It’s not that I think this disruption will completely dismantle higher education, but it […]

CLMOOC: Hopeful Explorations

Within the CLMOOC community, some of us are starting to chat about how to launch a collaborative project around the idea of “hope” as counter to the darkness of the world right now. A few of us are toying around with the theme in different ways (comic, above). More info to come later .. I […]

Comic: Revival, School or Circus?

I really appreciate that our principal worked to get our school a bunch of large tents for outside mask breaks and learning areas as we deal with social distancing. But the school grounds look strange with all of the tents.
Peace (breathe it in),

Comic: All Those Protocols

School began yesterday with staff training, and two hours of protocols on staying safe with students and teachers in a building re-opening in a Pandemic was eye-opening and exhausting. Shout out to our school nursing staff, though, who are doing a phenomenal job with sharing information and guidance. I’ve been making comics since Spring about […]

Comic: The Insomnia of Teachers

The school year starts today, but the year begins with state-sanctioned 14 days of professional development before students begin (our school is doing a phased-in hybrid model). But this is when the sleep of teachers gets regularly disrupted, and the Pandemic makes it worse, of course. I’ve been making comics since Spring about the Pandemic […]

Shifting Perceptions of Educators in a Pandemic

This comic oversimplifies the sense I am getting in listening to our School Committee meetings, observing local social media postings of residents and local elected officials, and reading the news — but it does seem as if the goodwill towards that educators that came in the Spring when the Pandemic hit, and we working non-stop […]

Graphic Book Review: The Machine Never Blinks

From the prison thought experiment of the Panopticon (where every cell is visible to the guard) to today’s video street surveillance that uses face recognition algorithms, people have long and rightly worried about how to protect their privacy. In this graphic non-fiction book — The Machine Never Blinks: A Graphic History of Spying and Surveillance […]

Pandemic Comic: Pushing Back on the Opening

Our teachers’ union is beginning to push back on the Hybrid Plan adopted by our School Committee, and I’m not sure how it is going to get resolved.
This is part of the collection of Pandemic Comics that I started way back in March.
Peace (e…

Poem: Reading the Morning Newspaper

Advice From An Old School News Reader Read the paper backwards, from the funnies first to front page last so as to begin the ink with a laugh and end the reading with rage Note: My eyes go to the front page of our delivered morning newspaper (yep, we still get the local newspaper during […]

More Comics of the Pandemic

I continue to make comics about the intersections of teaching, parenting and the Pandemic. I wish there were more funny stuff to put into these … but funny seems a bit short in supply right now, replaced by anxiety and worry. These are now part of the collection of Pandemic Comics that I started way back […]