Loquendo nos ostendimus

I have updated my Twitter header image to include a statement in Latin which I’ve been thinking about now for several years: Loquendo nos ostendimusLatin phrase translated by Brianna Titus Our wonderful 7th grade Latin teacher, Briana Titus, translated this idea for me into Latin. In concise and elegant language, this means: by means […]

Email Overload at School and Work

What are we going to do about email overload? It’s been a problem, it continues to be a problem, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to systemically improve anytime soon. As much as adults today like to comment about younger students, “They don’t check their email,” graduates of our schools continue to enter […]

Lessons Learned as a School Director of Technology

This is my fourth year to serve as the Director of Technology at The Casady School in Oklahoma City, and I’ve been reflecting lately on the multitude of skills I’ve developed as well as “lessons learned” during my time of service in this administrative and leadership role. In this post, I’ll attempt to summarize (but certainly not comprehensively capture) some of these skills and lessons. These are listed in a rather random order, they are NOT prioritized.

Help define digital literacy

Last week I posted this piece about digital literacy, and a request to have you help us define what it means to be digitally literate. There are three reasons for this request. The first is that I’m regularly studying and thinking about literacy practices in online and hybrid spaces. I want to make sure that… Continue reading

What is digital literacy?

The Internet is the defining text of this generation. We use it as a space to read, write, communicate, socialize, and participate globally. This technology facilitates access to an unlimited amount of online information in a participatory learning space. Literacy means many different things to different people. For me, literacy involves the knowledge, skills, and… Continue reading

Critical Media Literacy

The Internet is the dominant text of our generation. Millions of individuals globally use it to read, write, communicate, and participate with others. Yet, in an online space that regularly serves up spin, fake news, and shades of fiction, it’s easier than ever to consume falsehoods and spout them as fact. That’s why critical media… Continue reading