2020/366 January = 31/31

I’m one month in to my 13th year of a daily photography practice/compulsion. While perfect attendance is not the goal (only achieved in 2015 and 2016) there usually looms a major year end task of rounding up the strays and ones missing from my yearly album. So as a goal for 2020 (I did not […]

Photography #176

Photography lately has been focused on our ongoing exploration of the Chickahominy River and basketball.

I didn’t realize how active certain snakes could be in the cold. I just assumed they all hibernated. They found this tiny one in the leaves…

Photography #175

A few of these are from the drive from VA to Alabama. They’re all taken from the car so it’s basically reverse sports photography. They’re also taken with the 85mm fixed lens which means no zooming to compensate for slow reflexes at 7…

Photography #174

We went to explore the headwaters of the Chickahominy River which is not far from our house. The skimboard attempts were semi-successful. I remain fascinated with these trees. Tried drinking their sap one time. It was not maple syrup. The reverse of sports photography is trying to take pictures while driving down the road at 70 mph (112 kph). These shots are on the return trip from Alabama. Darkness called an end to the attempts at some point. I’ll make another post with the shots coming from VA to Alabama. I love this building. Someday I will stop and go take proper photographs. It looks like it’s close enough to Ruby Falls to justify doing that before the building gets torn down. I have photographs of it going back a number of years so who knows how much longer I can delay.Time slips away and leaves you with nothing mister but boring pictures of strip malls. I repeat that doing this with an 85mm lens from the car is an interesting challenge. You do see so many more things if you look. Dystopian roadside. That color water always reminds me of Alabama. The Birmingham Zoo was mediocre. I was chastised for being less wary of a cassowary than they desired. Wildness remains strictly controlled. One piece of pine straw . […]

Yes, Photoing (daily)

Show me the exact line between habit and obsession. I might take a photo of it. Since 2008 I have attempted, though not 100% succeeded, at taking photographs every day, posting my favorite to flickr, as one of more than 1700 others in the Daily Photos group there The calendar change means setting up […]

Stutz in Color

To every new browser tab opened, is a window to the past, thanks to the Free to Use Browser Extension from the Library of Congress. What it means is that every new tab opened in Chrome comes a public domain photo from the Library of Congress. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the same one […]

Snow Dune Explored

As always, getting notice of a photo added to Flickr Explore is a wonderful surprise, as it is often unanticipated. It’s been a while (well not that long, since early August) that it happened. But I never expect a photo to land there, unlike many in the group discussions which sound like “Wahhhh Why Are […]

Be More Frakes

A classy and inspiring example how to be someone of high reputation yet very down to earth in social media… It might be 10 years ago that I was fortunate to take a photography workshop co-lead by famous professional photographer Bill Frakes. Much came of the experience- I got back into using my DSLR after […]