The Magic/Vagary of Google Search

We use it so frequently that perhaps we do not marvel that web search works. Especially the one where the brand name becomes the verb. In that googling something, typing a few words into a box, pressing a button, and getting a long stream of positive results. And of course “works” is the laden term […]

It’s the Picture of Reusable Open Content

I bristle slightly when I reads something that seems to conflate Open Textbooks and Open Educational Resources (OER). Only slightly. The success of open textbooks, not only for what they are providing and creating benefits to students, is that it finally is something the wider swath of academia has awakened to. So the bristling matters […]


Are there really neat lines of cause/effect action in the possibility place the internet, 2021 warts and all, still provides? My best experiences there are ones that could never be anticipated. The antidote to artificial intelligence and algorithmic forces are the human especially the quirky ones, that cannot be GANned or blockchained or predicted. An […]