Stay Curious With Una Foto Cada Día

It’s no secret around about my love and belief in the practice of taking/sharing daily photos. I’m in my 12th year; this is maybe when practice – obsession? The idea too has resonated in DS106 as the Daily Create, at today’s number 2846, you can do some math and find this has gone on non-stop […]

Sort of Silent Sunday (with music)

I was wandering our woods, just taking in the colors. So I took some photographs and went home to compose a music track of Autumn Leaves. The video is built in SoundSlides. Peace (listening to the wood), Kevin

Photography #172

Not that I usually have a theme but this is a stranger mix than normal. Helping teach a photography class while my oldest son takes a photography class has led to interesting opportunities.

Photography #171

This is by far the largest photography post I’ve had in a long time. VCU or maybe the city of Richmond has changed how parking works for quite a ways around where I work. Many of the places I used to park to vary my walking path to work are now 2hr parking or paid parking. I’ve also fallen prey to the belief that I need to hurry into work and get things done. Both those developments have hurt my photography patterns. This post was brought about by doing a few different things. Some of the shots are from walking from our building to the medical campus down Broad Street. That is always full of interesting things and people. A big chunk came from going to Field Day of the Past which is something like a carnival mixed with a historical site crossed with a swap meet. It brings any number of societal issues to the forefront via giant flags. I hate being at carnivals but like taking pictures at them.1 The insect macros are courtesy of some succulent that brings all the bees to the yard.2 There are usually 8 to 10 large bees sleeping on the flowers and you can get very close early in the morning as they are nearly comatose until they warm up from the […]

Photography #170

Here’s a weird mix of doing some football photography for my oldest child’s team and taking part in some odd photography assignments that are part of the course I’m co-teaching at VCU. There was enough random photos going on that I st…

Silent Sunday

Feel free to add your Silent Sunday image to our CLMOOC Tumblr (there’s an open submit photo option), or just share out an image in whatever space you want.
Peace (among the world),

Persistent Check Off List

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Origin Story We’re doing the Photography is Magic course again this semester. One thing we do the first week is go around and the room and students say a word that has something to do with their major, life etc. We also name some cliche image types from Instagram. We end up with a large list of words that form the basis of a photography scavenger hunt. We ended up with 67 words this time around. This time around I decided I’d try to do all the words by the next class. I started another account and began taking the pictures. I quickly realized I couldn’t easily remember what I’d shot and wanted a quick reference for words I needed and to keep track of what I’d already done. Try it out here if you’d like. Making it Since the words were already in Google Sheets I went with the typical Sheets to JSON pattern. I’ve covered that way too many times on this site already. The more interesting part was using local storageJeff had advised using this rather than cookies for something else I did earlier and I remembered it this time around. to keep the value of the checkboxes. I found an article on it and was able to repurpose that code in a few minutes to do […]

Reversing the Telescope: A Feldgang of Feldgangs of Feldgangs

I’ve spent the month of July, letting my eye wander to the world for the CLMOOC Feldgang Variations — an invitation to explore the world and ideas closer, with detail. (See the prompts we released via CLMOOC at the Daily Connector). The Feldgang concept is an exploration of the previously known world, but seen closer, […]