Slice of Life: Objects in the Woods

We’ve been spending a lot of time in our local wooded paths and bike trails, staying close to home but also getting a deeper look at our sense of place. I suspect we’re all doing versions of this. Yesterday, I was noticing how people are putting more and more little found trinkets and objects along […]

Mimetically Yours, Weird Buildings

It happens so often and ends up being blogged that I’ve tagged this phenomenon freetousewonders. I open a new browser tab in Chrome and the Library Congress Free to Use Extension knocks on my curiosity door with a random public domain image. This time, what you might see as a blank white screen of nothingness, […]

2020/366 February = 27/29

Following up from last month (nobody is tracking me) for this 13th year of daily photos I am trying to do my cleanup and review each month, thus saving me hours of labor in December. Yeah right. Hello tracker? January was perfect, February, even with it’s extra day had a 2 day gap. I chalk […]

2020/366 January = 31/31

I’m one month in to my 13th year of a daily photography practice/compulsion. While perfect attendance is not the goal (only achieved in 2015 and 2016) there usually looms a major year end task of rounding up the strays and ones missing from my yearly album. So as a goal for 2020 (I did not […]

Photography #176

Photography lately has been focused on our ongoing exploration of the Chickahominy River and basketball.

I didn’t realize how active certain snakes could be in the cold. I just assumed they all hibernated. They found this tiny one in the leaves…