Time For Daily Photos

Today’s the day to reset the clock on what I find is my own response to Curly’s Law– keeping to a habit of trying to take photographs of something very day, and choosing that One photo to post to flickr as for that day. It means a few things, now just out of the YouTube […]

WriteOut Walk in the Woods

The other day, my wife and I took our puppy for a hike in the woods in our neighborhood, and it was just a beautiful Autumn day. We would do this on any day, but with Write Out underway, I made sure to grab some photos from the walk. We noticed that some trees had […]

Slo Mo Moments

Here’s something I’ve been playing with in mixing things up with daily photos- and it’s video. But not video. I am using the Slo Mo mode on the iPhone to just capture a bit of subtle movement, like a sluggish moment. This setting on the iPhone camera seemed like a gimmick to me, I maybe […]

Got Four (barely)

Now I am in the trap of my own making. I am going to post (if I do not fall over asleep) the top image from the batch (well maybe four photos) I just heaved on to flickr. It was a light load today, the photos only from an 11:30 am dog walk across the […]