Making Meaning

One of the things I love about my current job is teaching in our Learning, Design, and Technology MA program. Not only are the students brilliant, but I get to teach about Domains and creating their professional digital identity through their final portfolio and beyond. I really enjoy working with the students on helping them…


When the choices and rhythms of lives change, as they have in our time, the study of lives becomes an increasing preoccupation. Mary Catherine Bateson, Composing a Life, 1990 1. My mum Gwen was born in 1921. Tomorrow would have been her birthday, and I…

Bad Timing

March 2020 marked the 10-year anniversary of my being online. I spent a lot of January and February writing a year-by-year reflection, as well as curating and creating two self-published […]

Once it’s done

Once this book is done… Once this conference is over… Once this school year is past… Once I get over this illness… Once that bill becomes a law… Once that child is out of diapers… Once we’re done paying tuition… Once my loans are paid off… Once I get my paycheck… Once he realizes that… Continue reading Once it’s done

Blogging as an Open Scholarship Practice

In most of my work, I strive for openness and transparency as an open researcher and educator. My purpose in this is to explore and play with possible new opportunities for scholarship in digital contexts. I’ve written in the past about how (and why) to become a digitally agile researcher. I’ve also written about how to… Continue reading

Scriveners in the attic

From the perspective of capital, what most of us see as tremendous ethical and even existential problems literally don’t count. Jason Hickel, ‘The Nobel Prize for Climate Catastrophe‘, foreignpolicy.com, December 2018 1. This year I’v…

1k Words a Day

I jinxed myself. Last week, I made the observation on Twitter that I usually write about 1k words a day, and if I don’t, it feels strange, like my day […]