Journal Leaks

A Piece of Scarf I’ve made you a piece of scarf. Yes, a piece of scarf. It’s blue and bluish in a crisscross kind of pattern I’ve just learned called a basket weave. Except it’s not a basket and I didn’t weave it. It’s a piece of scarf. Quite striking actually, interesting at the very … Continue reading Journal Leaks

On Being an Academic

This blog hasn’t been much about me being an academic, or even an educator. That dominated my first blog, fresh off a year on the tenure-track, but now (at first) underemployed with two kids under the age of two in the house, and then as a contingent faculty member, still holding out hope that I…


Something I’ve perhaps forgotten about having a personal blog is that it can be fully what I want it to be. I can write what I want and need to write about. I don’t require an outside prompt or a random deadline. This is my space, for my thoughts, at any given time. This has … Continue reading Unload.

Making Meaning

One of the things I love about my current job is teaching in our Learning, Design, and Technology MA program. Not only are the students brilliant, but I get to teach about Domains and creating their professional digital identity through their final portfolio and beyond. I really enjoy working with the students on helping them…


When the choices and rhythms of lives change, as they have in our time, the study of lives becomes an increasing preoccupation. Mary Catherine Bateson, Composing a Life, 1990 1. My mum Gwen was born in 1921. Tomorrow would have been her birthday, and I…

Bad Timing

March 2020 marked the 10-year anniversary of my being online. I spent a lot of January and February writing a year-by-year reflection, as well as curating and creating two self-published […]